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1 Mobile Spy – Review One Month After Install

1 Mobile Spy Recorded Call List

The "1 Mobile Spy" installed in the non-rooted Samsung is not one of my phones.  It belongs to a friend who couldn't afford to buy a monitoring app but wanted to keep tabs on her 13-year-old girl.  Since I wanted to test 1 Mobile Spy, I gave her my license to use for a year.

That is what made me think of giving away free one-year licenses to various spy apps in exchange for letting me monitor and write a review based on that installation.  It would give me a real-life test of the software, and allow me to write a review based on reality. 

Today is December 9, 2015.  I reported a month ago that 1MobileSpy had stopped updating the control panel as no new information had been uploaded.  Today is the first day I have logged in since that post.

There have been some updates.  Here is a run-down of what I am seeing:

CALL LIST / CALL RECORDING:  Remember that in 1MobileSpy, the call list and the list of recorded calls is the same.  Calls were shown up to November 28; then again starting on December 3. 

However, I doubt this girl didn't call her friends in the days between, but I have no way of really knowing.

Even without knowing, today is December 9, and there are no new calls for the past five days.  I don't think it is accurate.

As to the call quality — the recordings are decent.  The other party is still extremely low in volume; but if the surrounding noise isn't that bad (ie: not at a bar or schoolyard), you can strain to hear what is being said.

1 Mobile Spy Recorded Call List

SMS SENT AND RECEIVED:  Similar situation with the dates that 1MobileSpy was logging information. 

Over a hundred messages on December 3 and 4.  Then no sms messages logged until November 28.  That tells me that 1MobileSpy is losing messages when it is unable to make its updates.

Going back further, NO MESSAGES BETWEEN NOV 1 AND NOV 21!  That confirms is — when 1MobileSpy stops working (stops updating), it is not able to store what is happening.

When the phone is rebooted and the app syncs with the server, everything that happened is LOST. 

When it stops updating, IT STOP WORKING AND EVERYTHING IS LOST until the phone is reset again!

1mobile spy sms reporting


There has been no gps location being tracked since October 25, 2015.

1mobilespy gps tracking doesn't work

IMAGE MONITORING:  No Image updates since Nov 28.

BROWSER MONITORING:  No browser updates since Dec 4.

1mobilespy browser history

BOTTOM LINE:  On this Samsung non-rooted phone, 1MobileSpy has not been successful in providing the service they advertise.


One Comment to 1 Mobile Spy – Review One Month After Install

  1. kate says:


    Thank you for taking your time to tell the users of such apps what the real deal is! I almost bought Auto Forward, just so you know they have consumed the first almost 2 pages with their rederrick that is what caught my eye.

    Having said that, i would like to know if there is an authentic app that you can spy on a phone without actually not having the phone? Please let me know if you have come across anything I am particularly interested in sms and gps. 


    Thank you!



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