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Friday, December 25th, 2015


Cell Phone Spy Apps: How To Get Caught Spying

get caught spying

The internet is full of websites telling you "how to catch a cheating spouse" or "husband" or "wife" or "boyfriend" or …. I'm sure you get the picture.  And all of these sites want you to install a spy app to spy on your significant other to get the damning evidence you need. But how easy is it to get CAUGHT SPYING on someone else — whether it be your kids or spouse or girlfriend?  It is easier than you think. There are many steps to install spy apps and cover your installation tracks, and having five minutes to install a spy app isn't feasible, as I discussed previously.   1.  download history (not the same as downloaded files or browser history) In my wife'sRead More

How To Install Cell Spy Monitoring Software

root checker verifies root on the samsung j7

              Today I bought a new Samsung J7 to give as a gift.  I performed Root and installed root checker.  NOTHING ELSE.  No other apps, files, NOTHING have been installed in this phone.  Other than root, it is a fresh phone out of the box.  It is important I make this clear … I'll explain later.  For the record, I started working with this phone at 2pm; I finished at 4pm.  It took 2 hours to complete the process below (along with taking screenshots and typing my notes in real time). I'm working directly from CellSpy instructions (also here: 1. You must enable UNKNOWN SOURCES (Settings > More > Security) and disable VERIFY APPS (usually the setting immediatelyRead More

TheTruthSpy Uninstall and Cell Spy Removal

uninstalling android apps

Tonight, I had the Samsung S4 in my hands again, and decided to uninstall TheTruthSpy.  I attempted to call the access number (#2013*) but it didn't work.  I checked the control panel and there have been no updates from this phone for 2 days!!  So once again, TTS has stopped working. In device administrators, TheTruthSpy is "Device Admin"! Went back to the appliation manager and the TheTruthSpy doesn't exist (it isn't showing at all).  Went to the playstore and downloaded Link2Sd.  This app is good for showing what is really installed.  Link2SD shows that TTS is still installed as System Service in /data/app/com.systemservice-1.apk TTS says that I can tell it to remotely uninstall, but since it hasn't synced (I attempted to force it to resync),Read More

How To Root Samsung J7

Root was successful in Samsung J7

After purchasing the new Samsung J7 to replace the Samsung Tab 4 that was giving my daughter so many problems, I took a deep breath and began working with the phone.  The first project was to root the phone.  I've already rooted a Samung J7 before, so I thought it would be easier to stick with a phone that I've had some experience with. I used my notes from the link above, which I am reprinting again, as well as a few new pages that I found and liked.  I am a fan of "step-by-step" instructions over video, so I found a site that provided detailed instructions that I could follow. After following the instructions, the phone was rooted, and I verified it with rootRead More

Kids Are Hard On Phones

kids are hard on cell phonesr

Well, maybe just mine.  I gave my oldest a Samsung tab4 8" for her birthday in September.  In late November, she had done something to the tablet, that she could not longer access the internet via mobile data, and all her applications were gone.  I tried to talk her through a few things, but I was in another country and she was stuck. I have her tablet in my hands now and have looked at and tried everything I can to determine what has happened.  It looks like 1) she deleted her google account.  I know from the internet that this does not delete her downloaded apps, but as of right now — she has none!!  And 2) I think she went on a "deletingRead More