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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016


Keyloggers and Password Recovery

Mspy v Flexispy keylogger

KEYLOGGERS: Mspy lists a feature called the Keylogger.  In reviewing the logs, I don't know if it actually captures hidden data (ie: passwords) or not, as none are shown in the demo.  I also don't know if using a "special" keyboard is required.  I have found in the past that keyloggers required you to use the app's keyboard.  With kids however, that won't last as they enjoy choosing fancy keyboards, and keyboards that you can put pictures behind the letters.   Flexispy also lists a keylogger-type feature in their top-of-the-line subscription … and it operates in more detail than Mspy.  Flexispy doesn't call it a keylogger however because it doesn't capture live key strokes. With Flexispy, any installed application that requires a password is trackedRead More

Improving Cerberus – Making Cerberus Better

improving cerberus

The more I use Cerberus, the more I think about improving Cerberus, and what could be done to make Cerberus better and more effective as an anti-theft software. I don't think it would be difficult since it already tracks the information I want; it just doesn't upload to the control panel until requested, allegedlly to save battery draw by sitting idle until necessary. But if you lose your phone, and you CAN'T get a Cerberus connection, there is NO WAY to get the location where your phone is or has been. MY FIRST IDEA:  Each and EVERY TIME that Cerberus obtains a connection with the target phone, it should upload the location history file.  Right now, that information only exists on the phone itself, andRead More