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Monday, December 5th, 2016


TheTruthSpy Charged me Again!


There is nothing online in the control panel about canceling your automatic billing for renewals of TTS.  And when you signed up, chances are you agreed to renewed billing. This is the listed contact information, which  I doubt is valid: TheTruthSpy LLC  Email:  Phone: +84(08) 34535633    But they renewed me for one year.     To make sure your auto-renew is cancelled, log into your avangate billing account.  Find the order information for TheTruthSpy.  Mine look like this: Click on "Stop automatic subscription renewals".  That should cause your subscription to end with the next renewal date.  Since I paid by the year, this should prevent me from getting screwed out of another year payment.

More Bug Fixes from The Truth Spy App

spy on cell phones latest updates

Yes, it is true.  TheTruthSpy is spitting out new versions every month trying to fix the bugs created during the last version update!  And yes, this means you must get the monitored phone into your hands in order to uninstall and reinstall the updated software! Look at the image for this post.  It is from the front page of the TTS website — and shows the "Release Version 7.1" … but if you keep reading, you will see "Whats new with version TheTruthSpy 7.3".  They can't list the correct version on their front page! Here is the latest update chart from TTS (taken from In the chart, you can see that new versions were issued every month (December, January, February, and March!).   If youRead More