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Tuesday, March 14th, 2017


Find My Android – Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone – Part 1

find my android lost phone stolen phone

My Lenovo A916 was stolen.  It is a risk we all take with smart phones.  No one wants it to happen to them of course, but the question is:  Are you prepared if your phone ends up as a lost phone or stolen phone??  How do I find my android? Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone What is the difference between a lost phone and a stolen phone?  At what point does a lost phone become a stolen phone?  Do I tell people that my phone was lost or stolen?? In my situation, I "lost" my phone at a business that I visit regularly.  The employees would recognize me — so that tells you I have been there enough times.  As to how I lost theRead More

Cerberus – Find My Mobile Phone! Part 2

find my mobile

Shortly after sending the email to Cerberus, I received a response from technical support which essentially told me to "go for it" and do what I needed to do to catch the thief and find my mobile phone. Find my mobile is a continuation from Part 1: Find My Android – Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone – Part 1 I logged in to my Cerberus control panel and noticed that the phone immediately connected!  That was great news, because it meant he was likely connected to a strong WIFI. The first thing I wanted to do was obtain his telephone number since I was not receiving SMS notifications from his phone.  As a reminder,  I was receiving notifications by email only that the sim cardRead More

My Lost Android and Cerberus – Part 3

my lost android

Having my lost android phone really made me angry.  Especially knowing it really wasn't lost; it was now a stolen phone.  Because of Cerberus, I knew where the thief was, within 20 feet — but it wasn't worth the risk of bodily harm to go and visit him. Continued from Part 2:  Cerberus – Find My Mobile Phone!  Part 2   My next step was to begin taking screen shots of my lost android and hopefully catch him using the phone.  If I could catch him "in use", I could switch to screen capture video, and I might see more of his accounts.  My goal was to see the front page of his Facebook. Unfortunately for me, the "screen recording" function didn't work.  I receivedRead More

How To Add Insult To Injury With My Lost Phone – Part 4

add insult to injury

Yes, as if it couldn't get any worse, the thief decided to add insult to injury.  But more on that in a moment. THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM PART 3:  My Lost Android and Cerberus – Part 3 I decided to send messages to the phone, which would display the message on the screen until manually cleared by an unlock motion from the thief.  I wasn't locking the phone (yet), just sending him a message to see if he might choose to do the right thing. From the control panel, I chose the "send message" command.  And sent this message first:  ("This is not your phone").  That was my head's up that I was with him.           Then I started sending regularRead More