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Android Factory Reset of a Zopo ZP300+

Installation of Cerberus Anti Theft

My old Zopo 300+ was sitting around gathering dust, so I offered it to a friend for free — if I could monitor it for a few months and write reviews for my site.  She agreed.  I knew that I needed to clean the phone — performing a factory reset and manually reformatting the SD card.

Before I perform a factory reset, I encrypt the phone.  Once I do that, I know there is no possibility to recover data from the phone.  Only after encryption do I perform a factory wipe.

The standard steps for performing a factory reset are:

  1.  Make sure the phone is powered off
  2.  Press the volume down key and power key at the same time — and hold until the phone reboots to the reset menu.

But that didn't work on the Zopo.  So I had to search for a different reset method.  The next one I found said that it was the standard reset method for Samsung.  I decided to give it a try.

  1. Make sure the phone is powered off
  2. Press the VOLUME UP key, the HOME key, and the POWER key, AT THE SAME TIME, and hold until the phone reboots to the reset menu.  This time it worked.
  3. At the reset menu, use the volume keys to move the cursor to "wipe data/factory reset".
  4. Press the "Power" button to choose what you have highlighted (should say something like "factory reset")
  5. The next screen is a "are you sure????" question.  You must use the volume key and highlight "yes", then press the power key again.

After that, the phone resets, wipes everything and reboots.

If you phone was rooted, you will likely need to root the phone again.  However, with some customer pre-rooted ROMs, root is not eliminated after a factory reset.  This phone was purchased at my favorite online store for Chinese phones — Etotalk.  And their custom rom (for this phone at least) did not lose root when performing a factory reset.

After the above was completed, I created a new gmail account for my friend (she is new to smartphones) and installed Root Checker to confirm that Root was still accessible.  It was.

Next, I re-installed the newly formatted SD card; then to Settings -> Storage to verify that it saw the new SD card and did not want to re-format it again.  While there, change the "Preferred Install Location" or "Preferred Storage Location" to "SD CARD". 

Download and install disguised version of Cerberus anti-theft.  Installing Cerberus has become almost second nature — it is easy to do.  A few screenshot reminders.

Root CheckerRoot Checker verifies that your phone IS rooted. Installation of Cerberus Anti Theft
Installation of Cerberus Anti Theft Installation of Cerberus Anti Theft


There are a few settings to check in Cerberus. 

Installation of Cerberus Anti TheftCheck the Cerberus Log to make sure that Cerberus is connecting to GCM (Google Servers).  Installation of Cerberus Anti TheftI always change the dial code that brings Cerberus to life.  Remember, it is hidden until you enter this code, and it is a good idea to change it — as the "default" code is all over the internet
Installation of Cerberus Anti TheftThe two main settings to change:  "Hide from app drawer" (CHECK) and "Protect Device Admin" (CHECK).  Installation of Cerberus Anti TheftGo back to the browser and remember to delete the browser history, which showed you downloaded Cerberus.  Also, go to "My Downloads" and delete the Cerberus apk file.


Then on to paypal to pay for the lifetime subscription — was $5.65USD.  Truly a great deal.  Remember to exit and re-enter Cerberus after paying.  And don't forget to delete your tracks (downloaded files, browswer history, etc.!)

From the playstore, download link2sd.  Move Cerberus to a system app to survive factory resets.  Reboot the phone and return to the playstore to download "push notifications fixer root".  I install that all the time now to help with the situations where the phone loses contact with Google servers (aka GCM Google Cloud Messaging). 

Installation of Cerberus Anti TheftThis is LINK2SD.  Find the entry for "System Framework"; press and hold; from the menu that pops up, choose "convert to system app". Installation of Cerberus Anti TheftOnce Cerberus has been converted to a system app, you can confirm by looking inside of Link2SD and see that the location of the file is now "/system/app/…"


I also download and install appmgr III.  This allows a monitor of all new installs and will offer to move the new app to SD card (to save internal memory) if possible.

AppMgr III -  Apps to SD CardIn order to free space, I always install AppMgr, and use it to move programs to the SD card. PNF Push Notification FixerCerberus and Android don't always play nice.  To help combat the problem of Cerberus not "seeing" your phone, install Push Notification Fixer.  In simple terms, this app makes the "heartbeat" of your phone beat faster to make sure it doesn't lose any connections.


Next, install Flexispy ….


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