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Android Monitor App — Looks Promising

androidmonitor spy app facebook page in control panel

This is NOT a review.  I have NOT tried androidmonitor spy app yet. 

I previously wrote that I wasn’t impressed with AndroidMonitor app because of the way it looked and the fact that all monitored conversations are presented in the control panel in the very difficult-to-follow linear format; instead of the easier-to-follow and more true-to-life “conversation format”.

androidmonitor spy app

More importantly, androidmonitor doesn’t provide the FULL FACEBOOK NAME of the person involved in the conversation!!  So you can’t obtain their facebook name and go look at their facebook page.   So if you just want the conversation, androidmonitor has it, but nothing more.

androidmonitor spy app facebook page in control panel

Actually, it is the same for all social apps (viber, whats app, etc.).  The “recipient” is poorly listed from the example demo data.  I will see once I test the app if it actually displays any better.

But the reason I want to try it … I only need to install it on two branded phones which means that it shouldn’t have any compatibility issues.  Plus, it is only $37.20USD per year and I would like to try a budget (lost cost) spy app to see if I could get by with a lower cost monitoring app when I am installing it on branded, high-end phones.

I won’t get an opportunity to install and try android monitor for another week or two when I have the target phones in my hand.

If it monitors what is important to me (calls, sms, facebook, gps location), and it WORKS like it is advertised, then I will be happy to save the money on these phones.

But remember, flexispy is WAS working super well on my non-branded phone and displays everything from facebook, viber, etc.  But it is $149 per year.

One setting that caught my attention was “time zone” — allowing you to set the time zone that you want all data displayed in!  I think that is an excellent function!

androidmonitor control panel timezone settings

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