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Best Parental Control and Monitoring Apps REAL Reviews

My parental control software comparison and real life experiences.

My parental control software comparison and real life experiences.There are hundreds (if not more) of applications designed to help parents manage, control, and track the cell phones and cell phone usage of their children.  I searched and read until I was blue in the face.  I installed a dozen applications to try before realizing unwritten limitations, or hidden costs.  This is my Best Parental Control and Monitoring Apps REAL Reviews!

Every parent or guardian has different perceptions and goals on how they want to control their child’s android phone access, depending on personal beliefs, morality, and their children’s ages.  My needs may be quite different than yours, and that is why I found so many of the programs to be lacking.

I bought smartphones for the kids because I wanted them to be able to communicate with me whenever they wanted without having to ask or tell anyone; and I wanted them to have a game device to keep them busy.  I didn’t want to buy another Game Boy or whatever the latest game device is.  [I bought NON-branded smartphones because I assumed the phones wouldn’t last very long and I thought it would be better to buy cheaper phones that I could replace more often if necessary.]

My situation:  I have two step-children that live with their mother in Asia.  All internet is “prepaid” and you pay for everything except incoming calls.  Data is sold in packages by the megabyte.  If you use all of the package, and do not turn off data, the carrier charges a ridiculous fee for internet use and will wipe-out your balance or “load” as it is referred to here, in less than 24 hours.  I knew that other people in the house would gain control of my kid’s phones and steal their “load” or prepaid balance if I didn’t find a way to maintain control.  Yes, sad but very true. :(

Without “load”, they would not have data, because there is no WIFI at the Mom’s house.  And without data, they couldn’t use WECHAT to talk with me throughout the day.  WeChat gives them the ability to leave me short voice messages whenever they want; and gives me the ability to hear their voices rather than cold, written text messages.  It also assures me that it is really THEM sending me messages [Yes, their Mom might be telling them what to say, but at least I hear their voices].

I started out with a list of “PARENTAL CONTROL” features that I wanted.  As you will read here, I was forced to abandon the idea of “parental control” and move to completely hidden, spy apps — a concept even more complicated and fraught with disaster.

Each change, installation, removal, activity testing, and overall FAILURE has been documented on this site to allow you to experience (and laugh at) my successes and failures.

After I realized that parental control apps weren’t providing what I was seeking, I switched my focus to “PARENTAL MONITORING” apps.   You might know parental monitoring software as “Spy Apps” or “Cell Phone Spy Apps”.  Probably not the “nicest” of names, but accurately descriptive of what parents are trying to accomplish.  (Read “Parental Monitoring” and a “Child’s Right To Privacy”).

Your comments are welcome.  Please feel free to share your experiences.  Detailed step-by-step posts will be added to this site — and you will earn my gratitude.

As you read, understand one important factor:  I do not link to any app nor do I receive any compensation of any type from any app or creator.  I tell it like it is, and I’m sure my site won’t make the featured app’s creators happy — but everything is the truth as I experienced it.

Also, if you notice to the left, you will see the complete list of ALL posts on the site, numbered sequentially indicating the order in which I added them.  I did this because I wanted to make it easy for anyone who wanted to read about my experiences IN THE ORDER THAT THEY OCCURRED.  If you have a specific interest, feel free to jump directly to the post that you feel would benefit you the most!

Best Parental Control and Monitoring Apps REAL Reviews

2 Comments to Best Parental Control and Monitoring Apps REAL Reviews

  1. Brian Glynn says:

    This is great. I have been looking for a spy application that I could use to track my kids, but there are so many to choose from. This site will help me narrow the group down.

    • admin says:

      I hope that my reviews will help. However be prepared for some frustration when experimenting with the various programs!

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