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Spy Audio Recordings and TheTruthSpy

Missed and Lost Audio recordings

Because TTS is the only software currently working, I have been experimenting with it as much as possible.  And since the kid whose spy app is working has been visiting Grandparents — and they have high speed internet — I've been recording a lot of their surrounding conversations.

I've noticed a few strange things about using TheTruthSpy to record surrounding audio.

For example, the recording time is estimated at 20 minutes per recording.  I have seen quite less and up to 22 minutes.

If you are trying to capture as much audio as you can in an hour for example, you will need to make a mental note of when you started the recording so that you can log back in and re-activate the recording process when it has finished with your last command.

But that is where it gets strange.  I have discovered that if I try to activate a new recording too quickly, I will lose the recording just made!  In other words, if I don't allow 2-3 minutes for the app to upload and save the recording to the control panel, I will lose that recording completely.

Take a look at the screenshot below.  I tried to record every 20-22 minutes. You can see (although not highlighted) that I recorded at 7:49p and again at 8:53p.  The recording at 8:10p was deleted because I started the next one too fast.

I recorded at 10:18pm (Blue arrow), and again at 10:40p.  At 11:00p (red arrow), I started the next recording too fast and the 10:40p was deleted!

The 11:00p recording (red arrow) was able to complete, and I started a new one at 11:23p (green arrow).

Missed and Lost Audio recordings

So you must make sure you allow 2-3 minutes after recording stops BEFORE you instruct TheTruthSpy to begin recording again or you risk losing the previous recordings.


I have also noticed an oddity when downloading audio files with TTS.  Look at the below list of files.  The files are numbered in order of the file dates and times — until the final file in the group.  It was numbered as if it occurred PRIOR to all of the other files!

Strange file naming issues in the Spy App Downloads

When I download and convert the files to a format I can work with, the file dates and times change.  I tried the settings in the conversion program (green arrow below) but NOTHING changed — the dates and times are being changed to time of the conversion.

preserving file stamps times and dates

So I convert into a new folder.  That allows me to review the original time stamps so that I can isolate when an activity took place.  The left side of the screen shot shots the original files with original time stamps.  The right side is the converted files in the new folder.

converting files changes date and time

And to answer my own question from a previous post, TheTruthSpy reported the actions of the target phone in the TARGET time zone.  This was the first opportunity I had to match up actual time of update to my local time.

target time zone

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