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Find My Android – Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone – Part 1

find my android lost phone stolen phone

My Lenovo A916 was stolen.  It is a risk we all take with smart phones.  No one wants it to happen to them of course, but the question is:  Are you prepared if your phone ends up as a lost phone or stolen phone??  How do I find my android? Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone What is the difference between a lost phone and a stolen phone?  At what point does a lost phone become a stolen phone?  Do I tell people that my phone was lost or stolen?? In my situation, I "lost" my phone at a business that I visit regularly.  The employees would recognize me — so that tells you I have been there enough times.  As to how I lost theRead More

Cerberus – Find My Mobile Phone! Part 2

find my mobile

Shortly after sending the email to Cerberus, I received a response from technical support which essentially told me to "go for it" and do what I needed to do to catch the thief and find my mobile phone. Find my mobile is a continuation from Part 1: Find My Android – Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone – Part 1 I logged in to my Cerberus control panel and noticed that the phone immediately connected!  That was great news, because it meant he was likely connected to a strong WIFI. The first thing I wanted to do was obtain his telephone number since I was not receiving SMS notifications from his phone.  As a reminder,  I was receiving notifications by email only that the sim cardRead More

My Lost Android and Cerberus – Part 3

my lost android

Having my lost android phone really made me angry.  Especially knowing it really wasn't lost; it was now a stolen phone.  Because of Cerberus, I knew where the thief was, within 20 feet — but it wasn't worth the risk of bodily harm to go and visit him. Continued from Part 2:  Cerberus – Find My Mobile Phone!  Part 2   My next step was to begin taking screen shots of my lost android and hopefully catch him using the phone.  If I could catch him "in use", I could switch to screen capture video, and I might see more of his accounts.  My goal was to see the front page of his Facebook. Unfortunately for me, the "screen recording" function didn't work.  I receivedRead More

How To Add Insult To Injury With My Lost Phone – Part 4

add insult to injury

Yes, as if it couldn't get any worse, the thief decided to add insult to injury.  But more on that in a moment. THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM PART 3:  My Lost Android and Cerberus – Part 3 I decided to send messages to the phone, which would display the message on the screen until manually cleared by an unlock motion from the thief.  I wasn't locking the phone (yet), just sending him a message to see if he might choose to do the right thing. From the control panel, I chose the "send message" command.  And sent this message first:  ("This is not your phone").  That was my head's up that I was with him.           Then I started sending regularRead More

TheTruthSpy Charged me Again!


There is nothing online in the control panel about canceling your automatic billing for renewals of TTS.  And when you signed up, chances are you agreed to renewed billing. This is the listed contact information, which  I doubt is valid: TheTruthSpy LLC  Email:  Phone: +84(08) 34535633    But they renewed me for one year.     To make sure your auto-renew is cancelled, log into your avangate billing account.  Find the order information for TheTruthSpy.  Mine look like this: Click on "Stop automatic subscription renewals".  That should cause your subscription to end with the next renewal date.  Since I paid by the year, this should prevent me from getting screwed out of another year payment.

More Bug Fixes from The Truth Spy App

spy on cell phones latest updates

Yes, it is true.  TheTruthSpy is spitting out new versions every month trying to fix the bugs created during the last version update!  And yes, this means you must get the monitored phone into your hands in order to uninstall and reinstall the updated software! Look at the image for this post.  It is from the front page of the TTS website — and shows the "Release Version 7.1" … but if you keep reading, you will see "Whats new with version TheTruthSpy 7.3".  They can't list the correct version on their front page! Here is the latest update chart from TTS (taken from In the chart, you can see that new versions were issued every month (December, January, February, and March!).   If youRead More

Hidden Spy Apps – Survive Flashing Rom?


"Dear Guys, I'm planning to give my Galaxy S6 to my son, obviously with a spy app included. Unfortunately, he's not exactly a newbie with these devices; I'm afraid that he'll find the app and/or makes it disappear. What if he someday decides to flash another ROM? Will the spy app resist? I guess no, but… please… tell me I'm wrong.   Thank you. "   Sorry, but your emailed-question made us all laugh.  If your son is techically advanced enough to FLASH a rom into his phone, I would doubt that any spy app is safe.  But to answer your questions more thoroughly. 1.  "I'm afraid he'll find the (spy) app and/or make it disappear". That is a possibility.  For example, he can lookRead More

Support Ignores Me Now Because of My Bad Reviews!

No support from cellspy and intertel

At the end of last year, I installed CellSpy in two different phones.  In the first installation (which failed), CellSpy support was quite good with their responses, and pretty much blamed it on me.  I accepted that, and wrote that installation attempt off to various errors and a phone that already had a spy app installed on it before. (Actually I installed it twice but am only counting this as one installation). The support group continued to ask me to wait until the new Guardian software app was released, which would take the place of CellSpy; supposedly it was better, more solid, more robust, and a much better product.  But they didn't know when it would be released and I need to replace one ofRead More

CellSpy Review — Viber Begins to Work

viber monitor starts working

This is what was waiting for me on the CellSpy Control Panel this morning:  453 events, of which, 267 were photos — 250 of which were DUPLICATE PHOTOS that CONTINUE TO UPLOAD OVER AND OVER.   VIBER STARTED WORKING:  For no reason that I can tell, viber started working this morning and uploaded a chat to the control panel. The first screen shot shows that a new conversation with "daddy" has occurred and is dated January 10, 2016 (today). The second screen shot shows the "expanded" and "conversational view" of the Viber chat.  A "conversational view" allows you to read and follow the chat the way it happened, making it much easier to understand.   The conversation shows the first items in December, when IRead More

CellSpy Review – Photos, Videos and Sounds

testing remote video access again cellspy

Today I am testing features of CellSpy again, as my daughter is at a relative's house with high-speed internet.  Remote Video Recording, Remote Audio Recording and Reviewing how photos are uploaded from the phone are all on my list for today's activities. After writing 70% of this post, I discovered the instructions for CellSpy:   REMOTE VIDEO RECORDING:  I decided to try taking videos remotely from the target phone using the scheduling feature.  My first experiment gave me a 1 second video each time I tried.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't make any settings incorrect that time.   With "Interval Minutes", I am instructing CellSpy (I think) to record every five minutes.  WIth "Duration Seconds" I am telling CellSpy to record 300Read More