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Auto-Forward Spy – A Highster Mobile Ripoff

bad customer support Highster Mobile ILF

Auto-Forward Spy is nothing more than Highster Mobile "repackaged" with a new name.  When I found their site, I was surprised at all of the "features" being offered — because I knew the listed features were NOT available in the Sheister Mobile spy app.  Features such as record telephone calls, remote activation of the camera, automatically recover DELETED text messages, and more. 

What follows are my emails with customer support:


From the Auto-Forward Site:

You can either read our comprehensive troubleshooting guide to correct your own issue or submit a ticket to one of our technology experts. If you choose to open a ticket, you will hear back from a specialist promptly, usually within 12-24 hours.


MY FIRST EMAIL:  So I submitted my questions to their "techology experts" on December 4, 2015.  I made sure to include the URL of where I found the information to help them provide me with a better answer. 

Dec 4, 07:12
Name: Me  Subject: Features – Real or Fake Comments:
It is my understanding that Auto Forward is the same software as Highster and produced by the same company (ILF).  I am a former Highster customer and stopped using the software because features that were missing.
So I am very confused about these features listed on your website — which have been removed from Highster.   Are these features currently available with each download of auto-forward spy?
Automatically recover and display all DELETED text messages to the control panel (
APP BLOCKING "Blocks the installation of pre-designated app on the target phone." 
 The following features are listed but are supposedly activated by SMS (in control panel settings section), which are NOT stealth, as the SMS shows up in the phone's received SMS – do these
features still work?:
REMOTE CAMERA ACTIVATION "You can activate target phone to take picture from remote location"
SEARCH ALERTS "Alerts user when a pre-designated search term issearched on the mobile device"  
Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I pressed send before I added another "feature" that is listed, but doesn't actually exist:  "Listen to surroundings of the phone by activating its microphone".


THEIR FIRST REPLY:  The next day, I had a reply from ILF.  The date is the same, but that is due to time zone differences between my location and theirs. 

On Fri Dec 04 09:59:32 CST 2015, ILF Mobile Apps Corp  <> wrote:

Your request (22410) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Anna Sanchez, Dec 4, 11:59
I will be happy to assist you with installing and using the
program you have purchased.
Please provide the following information, or as much as you can,
so we may assist you:
*Transaction number or reference number associated with yourpurchase (REQUIRED).
*The make and model of the target phone?
*The operating system and version currently installed on thetarget phone? (ex. Android ver. 4.)
*Which app have you installed or trying to install. (ex.spyapp.apk)
Anna Sanchez
In other words, ILF sent me a "canned" reply, without reading the email at all.  The most important thing you should get out of this was the REQUIRED TRANSACTION NUMBER OF THE PURCHASE.  Without that, they did not want to talk to me. 
Second, instead of answering the qustions about their features, she wanted to know what make and model phone, and which operating system; and which app I was trying to install.  So I guess "Anna" is one of their "TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS" …. wow, we can see how far that got us.
MY SECOND EMAIL BACK TO HIGHSTER I wasn't kind.  I hate when support staff of any company send canned responses without reading the initial email.  It is a waste of everyone's time — and I would fire any technical support staff that handled his or her trouble tickets like this.

Sat Dec 05 00:18:28 CST 2015
If you would take the time to read my email, you would know exactly what I am asking, as it was in English.

Sending me cut and paste generic replies is indicative of your service.  I took the time to include the exact web page where I found your claims and you still have the inability to know what product I am writing about.

I'm a blogger on spy apps and will add your poor response  to my latest post on advertising features that do not exist: the fraud of the spy app industry.


I'm sure you think I received the information I requested after a pointed email like that, right?  Wrong.  Another cut and paste reply.


 "Please refer to the link below for the list of product features:

Thank you.  Anna Sanchez"

bad customer support Highster Mobile ILF

Now, does that sound like someone who wants to represent her company well and sell more subscriptions??  I don't think so.  Instead of answering my questions, she referred me to HIGHSTER's page.  Remember, all of the info I obtained to send them the email came from their sister site — autoforward spy! 

Her reply confirmed it — Highster and ILF are happy to take money from their other sites that advertise features that DO NOT EXIST.  I don't know what the "average" person calls it — but I call that FRAUD.

I accidentally ran across a site with more than 50 reviews of Highster — the largest group I had found to date.  There were five or six that were positive … what does that tell you?  Here are two that I found interesting and that support what I have been saying of this company all along.


incompetent customer support Highster Mobile ILF

This posting also confirms that the only "technical support" you will receive from their "technology experts" is:  "uninstall and reinstall"; "are you sure you are on the target phone", and "have your read the troubleshooting guide"?  In other words, technical support is worthless.  Yes, they reply, but with meaningless instructions and canned responses.  My guess is they provide this "appearance of technical support" to fight off the refund requests and chargeback challenges.

What benefit does a developer and software company have to support a product in which they will only get paid ONCE; with no on-going or residual billings?  Pay once for "lifetime" use.  Lifetime is defined as — "until you reset your phone".  The license can not be moved or transferred.  Once you reset your phone, the license expires.

Sheister is one company that, in my opinion, gives you what you pay for.  You bought and downloaded the software — now go away.

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