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Battery Temperature Apps for the Samsung i9500

This is sort of off-topic to the site’s focus of parental apps / android spy programs, but I wanted to install battery monitor and battery temperature apps for the Samsung i9500 for a few reasons:

1. She has been known to run her phone down to ZERO battery many times.  I am trying to break that habit because it is not good for the battery to be drained to zero so many times.  I want an audio alert (more than the stock android alert) to tell her to charge the phone before it hits zero.

2.  She lives in a climate that has extreme hot weather.  Couple that with a phone that she plays on every free hour and you have a recipe for a hot phone.  [Not mentioning the known issue of S4 running hot].  I want a notification that tells her the phone batter is too hot and to get it some air (and maybe give it a break).

I installed three programs to see which I liked better.

1.  GSam Battery Monitor
This program had a number of reviews online from techie users — and that caught my eye.  It provided the big battery usage indicator (like #2 did); places the temperature in the activity bar (like #3 did); but provides two other features that I really liked:

a.  When you click on the widget, it provides various details about the battery usage including how long to charge to full; and an average of how many hours a full charge has lasted.

b.  The second part I liked is the “alarms” section.  You can set alarms for battery above a percentage, below a percentage, temperature above a certain temperature, battery overheating, battery over voltage … AND you can set any ringtone you choose for each of those notifications.

So, GSAM won the test.  #2 and #3 were uninstalled.  GSAM also lets you turns off ads if you allow them to collect anonymous usage info.  Interesting trade off.

2.  Battery Solo Widget
I use this widget on company tablets because it can be placed on the home screen and can be made as large as you want, making it almost fool proof.  It has a built in notification program that warns you if the temperature gets above a set amount; if it is fully charged; and when it gets to a battery discharged percent that you set.  What I don’t like is you can’t adjust the notification type (sounds, etc).

3.  Battery Temperature Guard Free
I liked this app but I felt that I would still need a usage monitor (even though Android has one built in).  This was the first app to be uninstalled.


As a footnote, I removed (or disabled) as much of the Samsung “bloatware” as I could safely do.  But there are a few items that couldn’t be removed or disabled so I was considering an app “hider” to remove the icon from the screen.  Plus, I wanted to hide the SU (root) icon as it might give someone using the phone the wrong ideas.

So I installed it; chose the apps I want to hide; clicked save.  Voila.  The icons were gone.  This is not a hidden or discreet app – the app appears on the main screen as “AppHider” (although you can change the name of what is shown in the settings).  But I wasn’t worried about this as much since I only wanted to take the icons that weren’t necessary and semi-hide them.

Easy; done in 30 seconds.

[TIP:  Using the AppHider reminded me that I was having trouble with my spy application “TheTruthSpy” and the default internet browser.  Chrome was supported and urls appeared in the online panel quickly when using Chrome, so I wanted to hide the old browser icon and force usage to Chrome.  Remember, this is a system app and can’t be uninstalled — but can be hidden.  (And yes, ROOT is required)]

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