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Camera 360 and B612 Will Not Save to SD Card

Camera 360 and Line B612 Camera SD Card

My kids take more pictures than a tourist on their first trip.  And they like to use the "special" cameras like Camera 360 and Camera B612.  I don't understand it, but I'm old … so I have given up trying to understand it.

When I installed these apps for them, I noticed that they no longer allow writing to the SD card — one of the most stupid restrictions I have seen (part of the Google "one-step-forward, three-steps-back program).  Instead they write to internal memory — a very limited memory that causes problems when kids fill it full of photos.

They have had issues with app corruption because the internal memory was FULL and attempts to write data were generating corrupt files.  I have been wondering how to fix that.



The first thing I did was to reduce the size of the videos and photos down to the lowest setting.  My kids aren't having poster size images printed; they are uploading to facebook and nothing more.  They don't need 16meg picture sizes!  And they don't need HD video — VGA is just as good for their use.   The storage location was set to "Memory Card" which is where it is supposed to be set!

original camera settings



When you attempt to change the storage location in the settings, you are told "can't use external storage".  I don't want to hear about all the Google/Android garbage about making it "safer" by not allowing programs to write to the SD card.  I want the cameras to store the gazillion pictures my kids take on the external SD card.

camera 360 settings

Then I click on the image sizes.  Like I said — they are uploading this to Facebook, and no one wants huge files that take forever to download.  I changed it to the smallest possible.

front image size camera 360

And last thing I did was to change the default storage location to external storage (SD card).

Camera 360 change storage location


"Wait!!! How did you do that?  Mine won't save on external storage?"  Because the phone is rooted, I modified one of the files that allowed this program to write to the SD card.

I don't suggest this for everyone — but if you are brave and careful, you can make this change and take control back of your SD card!


MODIFYING ANDROID WITH A FILE MANAGER:  Since you have a rooted phone, you can modify parts of Android.  You can also brick your phone as I did if you are not careful … and trust me when I tell you it is very unsettling when your new phone is worthless.  Thankfully I fixed it and I'm off to change another setting.

One:  Download a root file manager.  The one that had all the features I need was called "root browser" — the other two I tried couldn't perform all the features I needed.


Two:  Navigate to “/system/etc/permissions/".  Find the file "platform.xml".



Three:  Before you can edit this file, you must change the permissions of the file.  It is normally in "read only mode" (644) and you will be changing it to "read-write" (666) in order to modify the file.




Four:  After changing the permissions, you must open the file for editing.  Press and hold the file "platform.xml" and a menu will open.  Choose OPEN WITH …



Five:  Another pop up menu (I don't understand why).  This time chose OPEN AS "Text File".


Six:  Another pop up window. Click on "RB TEXT EDITOR".



Seven:  It pops up and asks again!  Click on "Open as" under the RB TEXT EDITOR.


Eight:  Now the danger fun starts.  CAREFULLY search the file for the section marked as "WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE".  In the screenshot below, my cursor is at the end of the line.  You will notice that there are two items marked "group gid" … the first one is sdcard_r, and the second is sdcard_rw.  We need to add a third group gid to this list.



Nine:  You are going to add <group gid="media_rw" />  as the third item in the list.  Look at the below screen shot for clarification.  After adding the line, REVIEW carefully to make sure you didn't make any errors, or make any other unplanned changes.  When you are sure, click the save/disk icon at the top.


Ten:  When you save the file, it returns you to the list of files.  Press and hold the file "PLATFORM.XML" to bring up the menu.  CHOOSE PERMISSIONS.


Eleven:  At permissions, change back to read-only (644).  Then press OK.


Twelve:  Reboot.  Open Camera 360 settings and change save location to external storage!  All done!


LINE CAMERA B612:  B612 stores its photos in internal memory also.  Photos are stored under /Pictures/B612/

No matter what I tried, I could not figure out how to change the location … I don't know where in their code it is hidden.  I wish someone with more knowledge than me would find the storage location and tell me so I can change it!









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