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Cell Phone Spy Apps: How To Get Caught Spying

get caught spying

The internet is full of websites telling you "how to catch a cheating spouse" or "husband" or "wife" or "boyfriend" or …. I'm sure you get the picture.  And all of these sites want you to install a spy app to spy on your significant other to get the damning evidence you need.

But how easy is it to get CAUGHT SPYING on someone else — whether it be your kids or spouse or girlfriend?  It is easier than you think.

There are many steps to install spy apps and cover your installation tracks, and having five minutes to install a spy app isn't feasible, as I discussed previously.


1.  download history (not the same as downloaded files or browser history)

Samsung My Files Timeline

In my wife's Samsung:

My Files Download History

When I click on "Download history" in the above screen, this is what I see:

Download History

In other words, according to this screen, one would think that no downloaded files exist on the phone. 


Next, instead of clicking on "Download History", I click on Local Storage, then either "Internal" or "SD Card", and then "DOWNLOADS".  Now she has a LIST of downloaded files!

List of Downloaded Files


2.  Downloaded files

Be sure to delete all downloaded files of the spy apps


downloaded files in notification bar

Downloading and Installing 1 Mobile Spy


3.  tiles in browser (browser history)

Be sure to clear the browser history or tiles


4.  avast – forget to "ignore" spy app

5.  avast – forget to delete originally downloaded apk install file

samsung warning3

remember to delete your spy app apk


6.  location notification of what apps are requesting location

recent location requests android


7.  cleaning apps:  other apps (like junk cleaners) that test for spy apps may not scan for 1-3 days, then detects spy app because you didn't know to set it to "ignore"

samsung warning2

spy app installation warning


8.  android scanning for dangers.  Disagree, but what if the phone owner turns it back on?

google scanning your phone


9.  android/su root asking for auth after reboot because you forgot to disable SU root re-authorizations:

Turn off notifications from super root

Removing Super User Notifications


10.  Installing an App that installs with a SPY APP NAME.  This is inside "Super SU", showing which program has Super User access.  If there was an entry here marked "", you would be busted.

SU Root / SuperUser / SuperRoot apps removing notifications


11.  downloaded apps in a new phone with almost no other entries.  Same comment as above.

List of downloaded files including the secret spy or parental control app that you hoped was hidden


12.   Forget to tell the program to "hide itself" upon reboots.

Cerberus Anti Theft Spy App Configurations

thtruthspy hide icon configuration


13.  My phone, a Chinese brand, does not track data usage of data across the WIFI.  It only provides tracking by app when the Mobile Data is used.  Until recently, I thought all phones were the same way. 

Then my daughter had problems with her tablet and sent me these pictures to help her fix her lack-of-data issue.  I almost fell off my chair when I looked at the pictures she sent and realized what was being displayed!

Display of programs using Data ON WIFI!

In the above example, you can see that 529mb had been used by the listed app.  That app is a spy app — and the usage is so high, because it was uploading ambient noise recordings that were recorded on her phone!!  If that app somehow identified itself as a spy app in the name, then the installer will get busted.












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