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CellSpy Review — Viber Begins to Work

viber monitor starts working

This is what was waiting for me on the CellSpy Control Panel this morning:  453 events, of which, 267 were photos — 250 of which were DUPLICATE PHOTOS that CONTINUE TO UPLOAD OVER AND OVER.

overnight control panel updates


VIBER STARTED WORKING:  For no reason that I can tell, viber started working this morning and uploaded a chat to the control panel.

The first screen shot shows that a new conversation with "daddy" has occurred and is dated January 10, 2016 (today).

viber records chat to control panel

The second screen shot shows the "expanded" and "conversational view" of the Viber chat.  A "conversational view" allows you to read and follow the chat the way it happened, making it much easier to understand.  

The conversation shows the first items in December, when I was setting up and testing her new phone.  Then she sent me a one word message this morning ("Daddy"), and the chat showed up in the control panel!  NO VIBER CHATS have appeared in the control panel before this one.

viber monitor starts working

Facebook monitoring and WeChat monitoring are still not working — reporting "No Data", just as Viber had been doing.


MORE USE OF THE AMBIENT NOISE RECORDING "ROOM BUG":   The command that I used to get CellSpy to keep recording does not make any sense according to the instructions, but at least it continued to record.  All night long, it recorded without interruptions.  

I like the fact that you can tell CellSpy to "keep recording", but it would be nice if there was a setting that allowed more control.  I want it to record for a while after I go to bed, but it isn't necessary to burn-up battery use and bandwidth and let it record all night.

Look at this list of ambient recordings that occurred over night.  You can see that there were no interruptions.  For example, look at the phone file time (starting time) and the Server file time (ending time), starting at the bottom of the page:  3:15-3:21; 3:21-3:26; 3:26-3:51, etc.

cell spy room bug

However, that wasn't true later in the morning when the phone was being used, and there is no reason I can find that there should be "skips" in the recording.  When Ambient recording is ALREADY recording, it will continue to record through a phone call – getting both sides of the conversation.  However, once that recording saves, it may or may not record again until the conversation is finished.  Some of the "skips" don't correlate to any phone conversations so I can't determine why sequential recording failed.

As above, look at the two columns to show beginning and ending time.  From the bottom:  8:36-8:41, 8:42-8:47 (no skip), 8:56-9:02 — then 9:11-9:16 — then 9:21-9:26 — and 9:31-9:36.  You get the picture — there were gaps of almost five minutes between some of the recordings.

When you are trying to build evidence, having the program stop and start makes data collection difficult.

cellspy room bug


PHONE UPLOADING SAME PHOTOS OVER AND OVER!  This one has me puzzled.  The same photos continue to be uploaded over and over and over!  I documented it on my last post showing the files saved again and again.  CellSpy is acting like it is stuck in a "loop" and doesn't realize that the photo was successfully uploaded.  This has been a pain — because I keep deleting the same 200 or more images!


DELETED SMS UPLOADED TO CONTROL PANEL:  This morning, there were dozens of SMS messages from December that were already deleted on the monitoring log of SMS messages.

SMS deleted messages start to appear

deleted SMS messages appear

I have attached an example showing the messages from 12-28-15 and 12-29-15 being pushed to the control panel on 1-10-16.  This app is really strange how items "just appear".

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