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Cerberus – Find My Mobile Phone! Part 2

find my mobile

Shortly after sending the email to Cerberus, I received a response from technical support which essentially told me to "go for it" and do what I needed to do to catch the thief and find my mobile phone.

Find my mobile is a continuation from Part 1: Find My Android – Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone – Part 1

I logged in to my Cerberus control panel and noticed that the phone immediately connected!  That was great news, because it meant he was likely connected to a strong WIFI.

The first thing I wanted to do was obtain his telephone number since I was not receiving SMS notifications from his phone.  As a reminder,  I was receiving notifications by email only that the sim card has been changed.

Here are two different emails received from Cerberus designed to find my mobile:


find my mobile

This above email provided me with his IP address, and should have provided his telephone number.  However, as Cerberus FAQ states, sometimes the sim doesn't report the number.  That is what happened here.  I have his Subscriber ID code and that he is using a "TM" sim card.  But no phone number.


find my mobile

The second email above, tells me again of his IP address, but this time he walked outside because the phone tracker locked in GPS and provided the coordinates shown.  When I logged in to my control panel, I was also able to see the same location for days.  Cerberus was showing it to be accurate within 20 feet. 

I also tried to obtain "device information" using the online control panel while he was connected to the internet.  The below image is what was provided — again, no telephone number was shown.  It also shows him connected to the WIFI "JOLENCE", and shows his IP address as an internal model assigned IP.

find my mobile phone tracker


My next step was to request his CALL LOG and SMS LOG.  

find my lost android

But he had not made any phone calls (it returned a blank screen) but received a few sms.  One was a confirmation from Google about his email address (but the address isn't shown) and the second listed a few free SMS sent by the carrier.

locate my phone

locate my phone

It is possible the thief's number is shown in the 3rd sms, but it is impossible to know for sure and still remain stealth.


FIND MY MOBILE CONTINUED IN PART 3:  My Lost Android and Cerberus – Part 3



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