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Cerberus Location History – Quite Detailed!

location reporting services

When "android people" talk about "location history reporting", they are usually referring to Google's built-in location history reporting, which is available by activating it on the cell phone, then using a browser and logging into:

All the data and location points are uploaded to Google servers and are stored online available for access whether the phone is connected to the internet or not.

I find the Google service to be extremely poor, inaccurate, and rarely updated.  For example, here is the entry for December 4, 2015.  Here is a screen capture from this date showing 3 location points.  I have erased the exact location information as I don't think it is relevant to the overall example:

google location history


Now, compare that to Cerberus, the anti-theft app that I initially had mixed reviews on, but came to really like.  Every phone now has a paid version of Cerberus and it is become my backup locator, as well as a source of other great information (such as what is the name of the WIFI my daughter is connected to right now!).

Cerberus stores the location history ON THE PHONE.  That means it is NOT available to the website control panel unless the phone is connected to the internet (and Google Servers).  Information is uploaded to the control panel only when you make a "request" for location history.

Looking at the same day, December 4, Cerberus reported 60 (sixty!) entries.  I don't know what the actual amount of time is in the settings for updating history, but considering it updated 60 times to Google's 3 times, you can see that it provides much more information.

cerberus location history

But I should be fair.  Google summarizes all the data, and combines all the location reporting "pings" into the same line if the phone didn't move. 

Take a look at December 3.  Google shows that her phone was at the same location from 2:16am to 6:04am, and again from 7:22pm to 9:04pm.  What happened between 6:04am and 7:22pm — Google shows NO LOCATION HISTORY durng these 12 hours.

Cerberus location history

(And by the way, my daughter wasn't at Honda Motor Sports in the middle of the night!  She was actually sleeping at her home.  But Google reports location based on WIFI and CELLULAR TOWER data and NOT GPS.  So Google "saw" the location as the Honda dealer.  A perfect example of the inaccuracy of Google reporting and the reason not to accuse your child of being somewhere that they were not!)


Cerberus reported another 62 location entries.  During the time she was supposedly at Honda, my daughter's phone in the general vicinity of the Honda dealer, but with a 2,208meter accuracy circle!  Meaning she was somewhere within 1.3 MILES from the point shown on the map! 

But from 9:02am until 18:22pm, Cerberus had NO location information for her phone either. 

location reporting services

Why?  What could cause no locations to be reported?  The most simple explanation is that the phone was off (she was in school for most of these hours).  But there is no easy way to tell for sure. 

At both the 9:00 and 18:23 location entry, Cerberus found her within 25meters (less than 100 feet) while Google didn't come close … in fact, Google didn't see her during most of the times that Cerberus was seeing her.


So far, I haven't said anything about the GPS reporting feature of The TruthSpy during this time.  It continued to "see" her phone throughout the day, but reported her phone to be in the same location during the time we suspect her phone was off.  TheTruthSpy reported that she was at a Bakery this entire time!! 

Overall, on this day, it reported 105 history locations.

TheTruthSpy location reporting

TTS doesn't report the correct accuracy of its locations, showing everything as "0 meters" accuracy, meaning that the accuracy could be within 2200 meters (1.3 miles).

Again, in "playing fair" with all of these providers:  My testing is all done in the Philippines.  I am told that the results would be "more accurate" and "more often" if I were testing in the USA. 

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