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Control Panel of Highster Mobile vs TheTruthSpy-Ispyoo

Spy Software Dashboard

The front or main dashboard page of the Highster Mobile control panel:  It is “bright” and colorful, but that doesn’t translate to better display of data.  In fact, because it displays “Recent Pictures” on the main page, returning to this (main) page requires a complete reload every time, slowing down the functionality of the page.

It also displays “Latest Location” via GPS on the front page … also causing additional slow downs if you return to this page.

As a reminder, Highster Mobile DOES NOT display a date or time that the phone synced with the online panel — a HUGE oversight on the part of Highster.

Highster is reporting 16 SMS, and 57 calls, compared to TheTruthSpy reporting 40 SMS, and 33 calls, FOR THE SAME PHONE AT THE SAME TIME!  So in this instance, TTS is providing more accurate data about sms and calls than Highster Mobile.

Parental Control and Phone Spy Apps Control Panel Online





TheTruthSpy / Ispyoo is not as pretty as the Highster page, but it is more functional and faster to load.  Where Highster displays “current counts” automatically, TheTruthSpy requires you to click a link to update the number of items which have been stored in the control panel.

These two screen shots were taken only a minute apart, but show different number of records available on the control panel.

samsung dashboard 3-30-15


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