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Mspy Changes and Updates From Mspy Press Release

I still have not installed Mspy yet, but I am getting closer.  I am hoping that within a month I will have the opportunity to install and test.

Mspy changes and updates from mspy press releases.  “Real reviews from Real people”.  That is what I want to read.  I hate finding fake review sites with affiliate links to the software.  You can’t review these apps honestly and link to a sales page.  I refuse to provide fake reviews to sell the apps.

Since I started looking at Msp anti-cheating software, I have noticed that there have been updates and new features added.  I’m starting to think that Mspy might turn out to be a decent contender (albeit an expensive one!) in the overall game of spyware and parental control apps.

A few things that have changed:

GPS does not need to stay on. If the target device is rooted you can enter Settings -> Location services and turn OFF the “Use GPS satellites”. Then open the Locations page on your mSpy account and check the “Force GPS option ON” in the upper right corner of the screen. mSpy will automatically turn the GPS when it is needed to fetch the location.”  This helps with battery conservation.

Identify the name of the Wi-Fi access point the device is connected to” — I wrote about this previously because a competitor had it and I stated that this was a necessary feature.  This allows you to see the wifi that the person is connected to which will help you to know where they really are.  In other words, their general location shows them at school — but their wifi ID shows them at Starbucks across the street!

Keylogger” now works for Android phones.  But you must install and activate the mspy keyboard in order to use keylogger.

Another comment about the reporting of the connected WIFI:  If your daughter “accidentally” turns off location services (pretending that she must have had a problem with her phone), you will still be able to see where she is in real time, because the name of the WIFI she is connected to will be displayed.

And since most people have unique WIFI service names, you will learn which one belongs to the house of the boy that she is not supposed to visit without asking for permission!  So if I want to look at her location, but it is not being reported — I look at the WIFI she is connected to.  And if it says “purplezebra”, she is grounded (because that is her boyfriend’s house!).

And to make sure it is clear, Mspy DOES NOT provide “call recording and ambient recording” features.  That was done to comply with the recent US Federal case against StealthGenie.  Mspy has also made some other changes regarding the way it is installed, and that scares me.  It appears that Mspy might become a neutered animal, as they attempt to appease the US Government.

On the new setup screen, you must choose WHAT type of usage you are going to use — Employee Monitoring, Underage Children Monitoring, or OTHER.  Do not choose other!!!  If you do, you will NOT be able to hide the icon!

TheTruthSpy (Ispyoo) is the only app I have tested that still records phone calls and ambient room noises.  Flexispy also records calls, but is double the price of mspy and is another app I have not tested.

Unfortunately as I wrote this page, I was drawn to the flexispy page and made the realization that when comparing “apples to apples”, flexispy is $149 v mspy $199 annual rate, and they both seem quite strong.  That is, until I got into a chat with their technical support group.  That chat will go on a new page

After that chat with flexispy (and with the understanding that I can do without ambient recording and call recordings), Mspy becomes the next app to try in July.

What Mspy needs to fix next?:  Mspy displays monitored SMS messages in linear (sequential date/time) format rather than threaded format.  That makes it more difficult to monitor sms conversations.  [thetruthspy/ispyoo and flexispy display in threaded format].


This guy made a really informative review of mspy (but he is a seller also!).  Even though he is a seller, he provides a substantial amount of details not found on the web, so it is worth reading:  (


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