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Phone Apps: Do You Tell Them You Are Spying?

avast screen change protection lock phone

Do my kids know that I am spying on them using phone apps?  Yes, and no.  It depends on how you look at it. 

Doesn't that sound like an "attorney-type" answer?  I'm not an attorney, but the answer is relatively truthful.

They know that I can track their phones if I was worried about them; or if their phones were lost or stolen.  I explained that they must keep "location" services set to "on" for that to happen.

I haven't had as much luck having them keep Viber's "location" services on.  Because the ON/OFF indicator is so close to the typing box and send button, it is too easy to "accidentally" turn off.  I've reminded them a few times but they forget.

viber on off location services indicator

They do NOT know that I can monitor their text messages, calls, Facebook messages, etc.  I've caught them in minor lies because of what I monitored, but I have not called them on it using the monitoring methods as my evidence.  Better to keep that secret and find other ways to explain how I "know" what was done.

Well — I should clarify.  *IF* all three phones spy apps were actually working, I would be able to monitor "their" phones.  Right now, I am only able to access ONE of the three phones.  I hope to change those odds this month (November 2015).

An event happened in October of this year in which someone (other than my child) wanted to use a sim she was given ad insert it into the phone of my daughter.  All of them knew that they could NOT change sims in their phones but, like many other things, they forgot!  The other sim was a gift to the girl and had money or "load" on it that she wanted to use — but didn't have her phone with her at that moment.

As soon as she changed sims, Avast kicked in and locked the phone.  Immediately I received a text message from the NEW sim card number telling me of the change.  When they realized what they did, they put the old sim back, and I received that notification also.

But putting the old sim back in the phone did NOT cause Avast to automatically unlock the phone.  So I sat by and waited until text messages would be sent to me.  That happened within 5 minutes.

This is what she saw on her screen.

avast screen change protection lock phone

I get the text explaining what happened and how they locked the phone.  I told her I would take care of it.

Here is the fun part of the story:  I am in another country, many thousands of miles from her and her phone!  I logged in to Avast, went to the unlock section and sent the code to unlock her phone.

I know I shocked all of them with the ability to unlock her phone like I did.  She replied sheepishly that she could use her phone again.

So back to the original answer.  "Yes and No.  They know I can monitor some things, but do not have any idea just how much I can see and do!"


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