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Does TheTruthSpy Really Work? Sometimes, Yes.

TheTruthSpy stops working partially

TheTruthSpy Ispyoo Really Does Not Work!  I'm amazed at how much trouble this software is.  Well, it does sometimes, as you will see if you look through some of the posts on my site.  When you factor in the Ambient Recording ("room bug") and call recording are working, as well as the items I list here, you would say yes.

But it is not that easy …

I'm looking at one of the phones on TTS (of course, only one is working at all; the other has stopped working a month ago and will need to be re-installed) and I notice that some features that did work, have stopped working completely!

Ambient Audio Recording is still working, which is quite a surprise for me.

On the dashboard, I  can see that the program and the control panel are talking.  Today is October 10, 2015, around 4pm, and the program is showing an update.

TheTruthSpy stops working partially

Of course, GPS doesn't work and hasn't worked for months.

GPS does not work with the truth spy

Even with the installation and update of the latest version of the software (6.9); and verification that access to "location services" is turned on … and verification that this device is rooted.

what is the latest version of the truth spy

SMS text messages are updating like they are supposed to.  That is a good sign.

SMS updating correcting

Call History is updating like it is supposed to.  Wow, there are a few things that actually work.

the truth spy call history

And Facebook is updating correctly …

updating facebook thetruthspy

But Viber is now dead.  I have a few long chats back and forth yesterday and this morning on viber with this phone, and nothing is being reported since a few weeks ago (September 23).

viber is not working

So just because it worked before, does not mean it will always work.  It is a buggy program that you cannot count on.  Yes, it gives you ambient room bugging, but based on my experience and the experience of others, you don't know if it will work for your phone and you don't know how long it will work on your phone.

And yes, it gives you threaded messages making it easy to read, but just like everything else, you must hope that it continues to work.

Viber worked before, but does not.  What else will not work in 3 days, or 3 weeks or 3 month?  That should really concern you if you are looking for a spy app.

Because I can access cerberus to verify the location, and I don't really care if viber is working, I would never try to reinstall this software on this phone because the majority IS working.

On the Samsung s4 however, nothing is working.  The program has come to a full stop.  The last time I had this phone in my hand, I was not able to update it to the latest version.  Before it stopped working completely, it was working on version 6.6.

no thetruthspy control panel updates - no new data


But having the spy app stop working completely is not limited to this buggy piece of software.  Flexispy, installed on the Lenovo a916 stopped working and hasn't updated in a month.  Customer Support said it must have "somehow become corrupted".  The only fix is a reinstall and I don't know when or how I will get this phone.  And until I get this phone in my hand, I'm paying for a service I can't use.

flexispy stopped working

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2 Comments to Does TheTruthSpy Really Work? Sometimes, Yes.

  1. paul says:

    in most of you’re posts you talk bad about the truth spy but you keep making new posts and writing about this crappy program. if you really dont like it why do you keep writing about it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul, you are right, I have been writing a lot about TTS. There are a few reasons for this.

      First, it is still installed and working in one of my target phones. It is installed in a second one which has stopped working; and Flexispy is installed in the 3rd one and has stopped working. So I have had a lot of time to use it — especially the call record and ambient call recording features and I felt that I should document my experiences.

      Secondly, in the phone that is working, TTS functions are working 90%. If it worked like this in every phone installation, I would have fewer bad things to say about TheTruthSpy.

      It really is a buggy, poorly coded, unreliable spy app. But if you get lucky and it works for you, it gives you great functions for up to 3 phones.

      I also don’t expect it to continue working so I am trying to share as much knowledge before it fails again!

      Thanks for the comment.

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