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Download Audio Files: The Truth Spy Record Calls

download secret audio files

Download Files From The Truth Spy should be easy and painless.  Well, I forgot I was talking about the buggy, poorly coded "the truthspy" spy app.

I clicked on Settings -> Export Data in the control panel.  I "checked" ambient call recordings ONLY and clicked download.

A pop-up window appeared giving me the options to open in a zip reader like WinRar, or save to a file.  I tried both options.  Either way, the first download was corrupt and didn't work.  Had I been downloading a bunch of files, I would have been screwed if I didn't check them before deleting those on the control panel.

Repeat the process to see if I get a usable file.  This time I only said to open in WinRar.  Then I moved the file from WinRar to my desktop.  It will play correctly in VLC "as is" — but if you want to do anything like editing, or removing the unnecessary part of the audio, every program I tried to use gave me errors that it could not read the file.

My goal was to keep only two very small parts of the file — two quick conversations and get rid of the other 19 minutes of the file.

With nothing to lose, I made a copy and renamed the copy as a .mp4 file.  I went to my Wondershare Video Editor and attempted to load the file.  Wondershare accepted it and allowed it to play.  I thought I was making progress.

The file played as long as I didn't touch the progress bar.  If I moved it at all, audio was gone and would not recover.  Starting over was the only way to play the audio.  I was not able to cut or edit.

None of my other programs would open the file.

Here is where it gets confusing.  I download AUDACITY to see if it would allow me to work with the file.  No Luck.  It suggested I convert it.

So I downloaded "Any Audio Converter" and ran the file through it, converting it to a .wav file.  The first screen shot is with the audio file loaded but not converted; while the second screen shot shows "completed" and the audio file is converted to ".wav".

any audio converter spy app audio files


converting the audio files of various spy apps

Then I imported the file back into Audacity and Audacity could read and play the file correctly.

audacity could read the file after converting to .wav

And since I'm not the smartest tool in the shed, it took me 30 minutes, one YouTube video and one google search to figure out how this program works regarding the trimming of audio.

(PS:  Look at the sound "wave" above.  The "spikes" are other noise outside of the basic background noise.  For example, the TV was on so the small lines all represent the TV.  Each time there were large lines, it was voices and other actions.)

Then I started cutting out the parts of the audio I didn't want.  This takes much longer than you can imagine because you are listening in sections and cutting as you go.  But I kept at it until I had the small sections that I wanted.  In the end, it was a 29 second file!

Truly, a pain in the butt, unless you really want/need a part of the audio. 


1.  Download the audio file

2.  I converted to a wav file with any audio converter

3.  I imported the file into Audacity and then edited the file to keep only the parts that I wanted.






2 Comments to Download Audio Files: The Truth Spy Record Calls

  1. Zipporah Woodson says:

    I am having the same problem with voice recordings. When I play the file it is corrupt. I don't hear voices just loud screeching. I have tried your method and I still can not get the file to play correctly. I do not know what else to do. Please help!!!

    • admin says:

      This is a complaint that I have never heard.  I can only GUESS that there is a problem with the record function with your particular phone and perhaps some type of feedback is overpowering the recording.  

      As I have said previously, try VLC to play stubborn files and VLC tends to play almost everything.  Good Luck

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