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Downloading and Installing Flexispy

how to install flexispy virus protection

I should explain why I am downloading and installing FlexiSpy and not Mspy.  I had struggled for some time on which app would be the next one I want to experiment with and determine if it REALLY works.  I felt Mspy was going to be the next one I would try, but changed my mind at the last minute.  There has been a lot of internet-talk about Mspy NOT being completely hidden, and rather than waste the time, I chose not to try it.  I needed the app to be hidden completely (from a non-technical user) so FlexiSpy got the nod.

Then I had to determine WHICH FlexiSpy subscription I wanted.  Did I want the Extreme (at $349USD) or the Premium (at $149USD).  It came down to this:  did I want to spend $200USD more to be able to listen to recorded telephone calls.  I chose to go with Premium (without call record and a few other features).

BUT, the real factor was FlexiSpy's online customer service person who informed me that I COULD NOT DOWNGRADE from Extreme to Premium after my year was up WITHOUT uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the target phone.  That cost FlexiSpy $200.

So, here is FLEXISPY.

Signing up with flexispy took a little time.  After payment, you are told to go to the control panel — yet, you are not provided a username or password and can not log in.  Supposedly an email is supposed to be send immediately, but it is NOT instantly fulfilled!  Downloading and installing Flexispy isn't as easy as it seems.

how to install flexispy virus protectionNotice the above; the flexispy website was flagged as being "high risk" for browsing.

So the problem occurs when you have the target phone in your hand and you want to purchase and install the software immediately.  You can't! Because Flexispy doesn't process the purchase immediately.

You can't buy in advance because that cuts into your "available refund days".  I will sit here and wait — hoping that I get a confirmation email telling me how and where to download the software.  Hopefully I get that before I have to return the phone!

As I said before, you can't install spy apps in five minutes!

It took 23 minutes to get the log-in details and approval.  That is ok — but certainly not good enough to install in five minutes.

flexispy installation

In the above picture, the apk is downloading to the target phone.  Flexispy states on their website that their program will not be flagged by anti-virus software as "malware" or a "virus".

downloading and installing flexispy

After the apk finished downloading, warning messages began to pop-up like the robot from Lost in Space, "Danger Will Robinson!"

Installing Flexispy on the Lenovo A916

Warnings from installing Flexispy on the Lenovo

The second warning above is from Clean Master/Sweep.  At the top right of a clean sweep warning are three vertically aligned dots.  Click on the dots to tell Clean Sweep to IGNORE the installation of this app (which clean sweep refers to clearly as a VIRUS!).

Virus warnings about Flexispy from Clean Sweep app

Just the many steps for installation took more than 5 minutes!  You need time if you are planning to install spy apps.  It is not going to happen as fast as you see on television shows like "Person of Interest", where spy apps are transferred and installed in less than 3 seconds!

Plus, the software install never finished.  It hung at "System Update:  Configuring".  After another 5 minutes, it failed, and returned a message to restart the phone and try again!  I chose "try again" and then rebooted the phone.

I could never get the installation to go to "full".  I choose "limited 1" per the chart here: .  Three levels of installation:  full, limited 1, and normal.  In the premium version, there is little difference between limited 1 and full installation.  The extreme version, on the other hand, doesn't function as well unless you obtain a "full" installation.

Lastly, don't forget to clear your downloads, and your url history.  Forgetting to do this is likely to provide your target with the information necessary to know they are being monitored.

I installed it and logged into the control panel.  Wow.  I am NOT impressed.  The layout is not clean, requires multiple clicks to view logs, when one click would have provided the data.

I will dedicate an entire post to the control panel and accessing the data.

But the software is installed … time to watch and wait to see if it will work with this Lenovo A916 — or fail like the previous apps.


Where to download flexispy software after paying for your subscription:

Open the Internet browser on the Target device and enter (d-g-t-e-p)

On your phone, it will be called "System Update:".




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