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Facebook Monitoring – TheTruthSpy Adds Facebook Back!

thetruthspy fixes facebook logs

As of today, September 8, 2015, TheTruthSpy (and ostensibly Ispyoo) is again monitoring Facebook and the monitor logs are available in the control panel!  A few weeks ago, I took to elinks and posted a scathing note about the inability to access Facebook logs through the control panel.   FACEBOOK MONITORING IS WORKING AGAIN!

While waiting for my food to arrive today, I decided to check the monitor app (installed on my phone) used for “easier” monitoring of TheTruthSpy logs.  Actually, it isn’t easier to use at all – but that is a different story entirely.

NOTHING in the TTS monitor app worked.  Regardless of how many times I attempted to sync the app to the web server, nothing reported.  So I opened the browser and logged in via the standard web browser.

And when I saw on the left hand menu that “Facebook” was back, I was shocked.  I immediately clicked on the Facebook link, and was taken to a loading page …

facebook working again on thetruthspy 3

It stayed on this loading page for 6-8 minutes!  I thought it was hung, but I left it alone because it was the first time that a Facebook log page had tried to load in weeks.

When it finally loaded, I was shocked.  There were 4,183 Facebook chat entries in the log!  And the log dates went back to April of 2015!  That is why it took so long to load the page.

thetruthspy fixes facebook logs

I have been emailing both TheTruthSpy and Ispyoo for weeks, at all the emails and support addresses I could find. Of course, none of my emails were answered.  But then anyone who has had experience with TheTruthSpy/Ispyoo knows that they don’t provide any support at all — they won’t even reply to your emails.

But more remarkable was that I could NOT FIND ONE POST on the internet discussing the removal of Facebook from the control panel.  I posted a screen shot already proving that the “facebook logs” link was changed to “OLA”; and the old facebook url redirected you to a PAY NOW page!  But I was the only one talking about it and complaining about it!  And that I can not understand.

But for now, I’m very happy to get the ability to monitor Facebook chat logs back in the Control Panel.



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