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Uninstall TheTruthSpy on the Samsung I9500 S4

the truth spy settings for gps

Uninstall TheTruthSpy on the Samsung I9500 S4:

Two months ago I wrote that the rooted Samsung S4 had stopped sending data (stopped syncing) only a few weeks after install; a problem that has been well documented on the net!  So for the two months I was on the road, her phone was offline and the monitoring service not available.

In late July, I finally got a few minutes with her phone.

I opened the phone dial pad and entered the “open code” for thetruthspy.  Instead of opening the application, the phone attempted to “dial” phone number.  I knew that the program was dead.

At that moment, I couldn’t remember what thetruthspy’s “hidden service” was named.  I went to the list of “all apps” in the application manager (under settings).  That is when I noticed that I had TWO “System Service” apps running.  Even more strange were the version numbers!  One of them was v1; and the other v3.3.

I knew that I wasn’t supposed to have to of these services running on the phone, especially with different version numbers.  I was able to easily uninstall v3.3, but v1 had a “greyed out” install and force stop button.  I knew that it was NOT a true system service because Android system apps would have an option for “disable” and not “uninstall”.

Since I couldn’t delete one of the items, I thought back to the install and remembered that it should have been set up as a device manager, meaning I would need to deactivate that before a delete would be possible.  I went to settings, security, and found “device admin”.  Unchecked it and the system service v1 became available to “force stop and uninstall”.  Both system services are now deleted and it is time to start over.

Went to the software download page.  Clicked to download latest version.  Immediately received a warning from Avast allowing only a 15 minute “ignore” setting on this install.  That is to make sure if you only have the phone for a few minutes, you are likely to go back and convert to a permanent ignore.

In the status bar, I noticed that the download had completed, so I pulled down the status bar and clicked on the apk to install.  Of course, I had “unknown installs” blocked, so I had to find the setting that allows me to install from anywhere.  After that, the app was installed and I was presented with the “open” option.

The software knew immediately who the account was registered to and did not require me to re-enter the username or password.  I found this a little strange — but then, this is the THIRD or FOURTH time I have installed this program on the Samsung.

Once installed, you must remember to perform “cleanup”.  I suggest you make notes about the things you need to do with a phone, so that you can be more efficient in getting your projects done in the (usually) limited time that you have the target phone.

Go to browser and remove google history for going to the download page.  Go to “downloads” and remove the apk.

Next, I went back to the phone dial pad, and dialed the secret code.  TTS opened immediately — and it shows that it had just synced with the online control panel.  I was happy to see this small amount of progress.

Time for more cleanup.  Go to Avast, noticed that it shows “thread detected”.  Find the “threat”, click resolve.  From the choice, choose “Add to Ignore List”.

More strange happenings … TheTruthSpy control panel is showing this phone as a “none-rooted” (yes, that is how they spelled it) phone.  The phone is rooted however; SuperSU is running.  Just to set my mind at ease, I downloaded the root checker and tested the root using the app.  As I imagined, the S4 is rooted correctly.

Still cleaning up … Go to Clean Master (if you use this app) and let it perform its virus scan.  It will show TTS as a “hacktool”.  Choose the item and click “Add to Ignore”.  This will prevent from displaying in Clean Master as a threat.  Run Avast virus scan.  Set the “threat detected” to IGNORE.

My daughter has installed (and uninstalled) a gazillion apps, including new launchers and gosms text messaging apps.  [And keeping with tradition, she asked me “Daddy, why does my phone freeze up sometimes?” and the other classic, “Why is my phone so slow?”]

I was afraid that all she has done was going to effect TTS and what data it reported (especially the sms messaging).  So far however, it appears to be reporting most everything that it was reporting previously.

GPS if off but location is on using wifi and mobile towers.  Her phone (according to tts) is 10km away from where it really is in my hands!  But at least I know the general city-area where she is located! :)

TTS is such a strange software.  She left my house with the phone just before noon.  She has data-internet on her phone and it was turned on before she left.

the truth spy settings for gps

You can see the “setting” above.  The software is supposed to sync data every 30 minutes; and update the gps every 30 minutes, provided the phone has moved at least 200 meters from the last sync.

gps settings from the truth spy

The time is now 12:50.  There have been no updates since 11:22am.  Before that, GPS was being updated every hour (EVEN THOUGH in the settings, I tell it to update every 30 minutes!).  But as soon as she left, GPS updates stopped.  Not stopped but delayed!  At 12:52, GPS updated a location, 1 hr and 30 minutes later from the last update.

Her Google device location history page has continued to update as she made her way home … TTS isn’t making any updates on her progress however.

But, this is how things (don’t) work with The Truth Spy – crappy spy app!



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