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Finally, the Lenovo: uninstall followmee, uninstall and reinstall highster.

follow me gps

I have an entire laundry list of what needs to be done on this phone.  But it is going to be more difficult than I realized, because some of the "hidden apps" don't publish what they "hidden" name is on your phone.  It makes it more difficult to uninstall since you are not sure WHICH "system app" to uninstall.

1.  The first thing to be uninstalled is followmee.  It NEVER worked on this phone and is taking up space and who knows what it is interfering with.   It is shown as "System Service" (com.fmee.fmeeserv).  You can find it in your "apps" section and uninstall it from there … you can also see it when using Link2SD.  In the apps section, you will not see the reference to "fmeeserv"; however in Link2SD, you will see the ID reference making sure you get the correct item.

uninstall followmee

followmee IMG_20150825_064910

system service IMG_20150825_065611

2.  Second is to uninstall and reinstall Sheister Highster Mobile.  It really is a piece of crap, but I have paid for a lifetime subscription, so why not keep it installed just in case.

Case-in-point:  when trying to access the Highster help desk, there is a referral to a screen indicating that the help desk page does not exist any longer!

[EXPLANATION:  You might be wondering WHY I am uninstalling Highster if you haven't been reading all of this site.  Highster had stopped working for three months, then re-started.  However, GPS tracking has never worked, and SMS messages received only works 1 out of 50 messages received.  I decided that once the target phone would be in my hand, I would attempt a reinstall in an effort to make the application more "stable".  I will install another spy app on this phone when I am finished with this work, but I want to keep Highster on since it is paid for.  Even though many items do not work. Facebook is a good example — you won't be monitoring it with this software!]

Highster is shown on the phone as "Device", /data/app/, in the Link2sd screen; and "Device" version 3.0, in the apps info screen.  In the app section, you will notice that the "uninstall" button is grayed out because it can't be installed until you deactivate the device administrator setting.

uninstall highster mobile

how to uninstall highster mobile

On this phone, click Settings; then Security.  Click on Device Administrator; "Device" will be shown; click on "Device".   At the bottom, click on "Deactivate".  You will return to the front screen, but the green "check" will no longer be shown next to "Device".  Now return to the apps page.

uninstall and reinstall highster mobile gravity spy

At apps, (or "Application Manager" on some phones), you will see that the uninstall button is now visible.  If you are picky about my speech, the official way to say this is that the "Uninstall button is now IN-FOCUS".  :)

while file is highster mobile

Click on Uninstall to remove Highster Mobile from your device.  Once uninstalled, REBOOT phone.

And in my case, I'm going to breakfast.  I find that I can tolerate more aggravation on a full stomach!

3.  Reinstall Highster Mobile.  There are a few things I want to point out about the installation of Highster.  a) Make sure to keep your serial number, located at the top of your control panel page after log in.  b) Highster will allow you to reinstall on the SAME PHONE; your lifetimes license is for the ONE PHONE.  It does not transfer.  c) Finding the file to download and installation instructions is a pain, as they intentionally keep it hidden.

This the URL to download Highster Mobile, as well as the installation instructions.

Go to your browser and enter in the web address for the current Highster APK.  Once downloaded, press open or go to downloaded files to open.

download highster mobile spy app

The most common error is "For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources".  Click on Settings to change this setting.  Click the arrow next to "Unknown Sources" so that you may finish the installation.  Then return to the file and click INSTALL.

install blocked - highster mobile

unknown sources to install spy app

Highster will then ask if you want to "Activate Device Administrators".  Click "activate".  Then you must enter the license key, and mobile number.  I think that entering the mobile number is another way they check to make sure you are putting this on the same phone/sim.

spy apps require system administration privileges

Return to your downloads, and DELETE the apk file.  At the time of writing this section, the latest file was called 417.apk, but the file name does change.

remember to delete your spy app apk

Return to the browser, find the setting for history, and DELETE the history.  This removes the entry showing the URL from which you downloaded the spy software.

Previously, I believed that you could not uninstall Highster without losing your rights to the software.  I was wrong.  You can uninstall and reinstall on the same phone without any problems.

HOWEVER, if you perform a factory reset, you will NOT be able to use your serial number and will need to purchase again!

Plus, a reinstall does not affect the data in your control panel.  It does not get deleted during this process.

Do you have clean sweep installed?  Remember to add Highster to the ignore list.

SO, does the reinstall work?  That is a difficult question to answer.  Remember when I wrote in the beginning that GPS reporting didn't work?  After the re-install, it is working.  But just like the first time, who knows how long it will work.  15 minutes later, SMS and Call history do not work.

I changed Location settings to "battery saving" – use WIFI and mobile networks, and Highster stopped reporting location.

FEWER items are working now after the reinstall.  I wonder why I am keeping this software installed?  It doesn't work.



In the end, I came to my senses.  I deleted Highster Mobile and said goodbye to this worthless program.


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  1. Marcia says:

    You mentioned in one of your articles that Google location app is tops when actually providing GPS info.  This app can be deactivated by the phone user AND THIS is the issue of trust I am running into – advice? 

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