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Find My Android – Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone – Part 1

find my android lost phone stolen phone

My Lenovo A916 was stolen.  It is a risk we all take with smart phones.  No one wants it to happen to them of course, but the question is:  Are you prepared if your phone ends up as a lost phone or stolen phone??  How do I find my android?

Lost Phone vs Stolen Phone

What is the difference between a lost phone and a stolen phone?  At what point does a lost phone become a stolen phone?  Do I tell people that my phone was lost or stolen??

In my situation, I "lost" my phone at a business that I visit regularly.  The employees would recognize me — so that tells you I have been there enough times.  As to how I lost the phone — that question is still unanswered.  I can't remember if it fell out of my jacket pocket, or I left it on the table and walked away.  That is an answer I will never get.  But follow along — at this point, I had a LOST PHONE.  If someone were to find the phone, they could have turned it in to the business and I would probably have my phone back in my hands after a  short delay.

But the person who found my "lost phone" kept it to themselves and did not do the right thing and turn it in.  Now he is in possession of a STOLEN PHONE.  And as far as I am concerned, all bets are off.  I figure that he had the chance to do the right thing but chose not to.  He prospered at my loss.  


How do I find my Android?

Regardless of whether you have a lost or stolen phone, the only question in your mind is "How do I find my android?".  And if you are lucky, it is at that time that you remember signing up and paying for Cerberus App – the anti-theft phone tracker.  

If you have read any of my posts before, you will know that I have had troubles with Cerberus (mostly my fault).  I had to install it a few times before on a previous phone, as it was not functioning correctly.   Once it was installed and working, I began testing it for an Elinks review.  I didn't read the rules, and Cerberus blocked my access for fraud, and permanently blocked the phone's IMEI.  Oops.

Because of that, I was never able to truly test Cerberus.  Until now — when I unfortunately had a lost phone.


Locate my phone please!

In the Cerberus control panel, there is no button that "marks" your phone as lost or stolen.  And because of my previous bad luck with Cerberus, I worried that my tracking, and taking screen shots, and photos might cause me to get blocked again.  So I sent Cerberus an email to let them know about my lost phone (I'm being kind — it was a STOLEN PHONE).

cerberus find my android lost phone stolen phone


At the time of the email, I realized that I did not set the phone to send me SMS when the Sim-Card was changed.  If I had activated this setting, I would have received the new phone number immediately — as soon as he changed sim card (provided he had money/load in his phone).  But it only sent emails to me — and the emails didn't include the phone number.  The nice benefit was that he was connected to a strong WIFI.


CONTINUE TO PART 2 – Cerberus – Find My Mobile Phone!  Part 2



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