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FlexiSpy App Reviews: Does FlexiSpy Really Work?

flexispy dashboard latest updates

I installed FlexiSpy three days ago, and although I hate to get too excited this early in the testing, I have to say that so far, FlexiSpy works.  I'll continue to update this FlexiSpy App Review, but as of right now, if anyone asks me "Does FlexiSpy really work?", I would have to say "YES!".  And if you have been reading my site, you know I am on the hunt for spy apps that work!

If you remember, the target phone I am working with is a Lenovo A916.  The phone itself is a nice phone and works great.  But it apparently must have enough customized Android code to make it a difficult choice when choosing a spy app that works.  Neither Highster Mobile nor TheTruthSpy would accurately report what was happening with the phone.  That is, if they even worked at all.  After two weeks, both of the previous apps stopped working completely and had to be uninstalled and reinstalled.  So for FlexiSpy, I am holding my breath until the two week mark has passed!

[Just a warning for parents:  I've said it already, but it is worth saying again.  If you really want to monitor your kids, buy them branded, quality phones.  You will have a greater success rate with spy apps, and you will not experience the hours-upon-hours of frustration that off-branded phones have brought me.]

Before I get into what works and doesn't work, let me which features I am unable to test.  There are a number of items that FlexiSpy monitors that my daughter doesn't have on her phone (and I'm not interested in encouraging her to download more social apps!), so some items won't get tested.

The following items can't be tested because they are part of the EXTREME subscription and I have only subscribed to the PREMIUM level:  Password capture, live call monitor (call intercept), call recording, room bug/ambient recording, SMS spoofing and remote access to the camera.

The following items can't be tested because they are not installed on my daughter's phone:  WhatsApp, Line, anything related to Blackberry or Apple phones like Imessage or the apps — BBM, Snapchat, or Hangouts.

And the following items do not work according to FlexiSpy — running version 2.13.4:  Can monitor GMAIL, but not regular EMAIL accounts; if you installed in Normal or Limited 1 modes, you can't get use any of the recording features; Password Cracker doesn't work on Android 5.0.

Why is that important?  FlexiSpy would not install as "full" mode; that means that even if I paid for the EXTREME subscription, I would not have been able to use any of the recording features when installing on this Lenovo phone!!  Again, you want ALL the features? BUY A BRANDED PHONE like Samsung.

And now (drum roll), does FlexiSpy really work??  Tell me what works!!

Here is a screenshot from my latest login.

flexispy dashboard latest updates

Since I logged in last (an hour previously), the target phone made or received 20 calls, made or received 17 SMS, made or received 36 facebook messages, and made or received 2 viber messages.

[COMMENT:  I have really come to like the dashboard list of updated items!]

These are the most important parts of monitoring for me and I'm so excited to see that it is working accurately!  Remember, this is a Lenovo A916, and neither Highster Mobile nor TheTruthSpy could monitor this phone accuratelyYet FlexiSpy is performing so far like a  champ.

Here is a capture from the call log.  If the number is stored on your phone as a contact, FlexiSpy will report the NAME of the contact!  Sounds simple, yet other spy apps didn't do this simple, yet important, function!

flexispy call log history display

Here is a capture from the SMS Log.  Again, FlexiSpy reports the name and not just the phone number if the contact is stored on your phone!  I'm pleased to see this.

flexispy sms call log history report

Here is a capture from the Facebook Messenger Log.  Threaded "real-life conversation mode" is presented, making it easier to follow.  Profile Image of facebook poster is also shown, as well as complete message.

flexispy facebook messenger monitoring hack works

Next is a capture from the Viber Messenger Log.  Again, threaded "real-life conversation mode" is presented, along with all icons sent and received!

flexispy viber hack monitor spy app works

[Update:  Seven days installed now and working like a charm.]

[Update:  Having a monitoring app that really works has provided me with much needed information.  I don't feel bad about the flexispy subscription fee now.]

[Update:  Today is 9-7-15, and Flexispy has been installed and running for two weeks!  There have been no problems, no errors, no failed updates.  Flexispy did not stop working like the other apps did.  I am extremely pleased right now!]

[Update:  Today is 9-14-15, and Flexispy has been installed and running for three weeks!  Just like my last post, there have been no problems.  Although I have discovered some weakness in the GPS tracking, I can't be sure it is a problem with Flexispy or with the Lenovo phone, that other spy apps couldn't monitor!  Other than this, I have very pleased with FlexiSpy].

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