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FlexiSpy Not Updating Control Panel

Cerberus connection

Last week, I wrote how happy I was with Flexispy and how everything was working like it was supposed to.  Then a few days ago, it stopped updating and uploading data to the control panel.

This screenshot was taken 9-23-15 from the FlexiSpy control panel, showing no update for 4 days.

Cannot Connect

This screen shot shows the actual time and date of the last connection from the phone to the FlexiSpy control panel.  If you do the subtraction, it is about 4 days since the last connection, as indicated above.

Flexispy not updating


Prior to this date (9-19-15), Flexispy was updating the control panel like clockwork and without any issues.  Then all of a sudden, it stopped.

This screenshot is from Cerberus, and was taken at the date and time shown.  It provides the proof that the phone was connected to the internet because Cerberus could see and connect to the phone.


Cerberus connection

The phone also is connected to Viber, and is showing "online" with viber; and I have had texts from the phone.  This eliminates the problem being "internet" connection!

The phone has internet through cell data and not WIFI.  In the past, it did not make any difference whether it was on WIFI or data, but I thought I would check.

Using Cerberus, I rebooted the phone to see if that would make a difference.  But so far, it has not made any difference.

I'm really not blaming Flexispy … because I saw a similar thing with a different software, I am beginning to think it is the Lenovo phone, and some non-standard changes they must have made to the operating system.

So far now, no updates, no information.  I'm dead in the water.

Assuming that someday it begins to update again, it will be interesting to see if the data from the date it stopped updating will be available.  I'll update this post when that happens.

So far, no luck.  Today is 9-27-15, and I still have no updates.  I was able to use Cerberus and REBOOT the phone on two different days hoping that might "shake loose" the issue of Flexispy not updating.  However it has not — and using the Flexispy "send immediate" command has also not provided anything positive.

Updated on 10-3-15.


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