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FlexiSpy Support Responds: App Must Be Corrupted

file and app have become corrupt

FlexiSpy Support Responds:  App Must Be Corrupted!  Kudos to FlexiSpy — they DO reply quickly to all of my support requests.  And for this issue, they replied within 24 hours …

If you have been following the site, you would know that on 9-19-15, the phone with Flexispy installed stopped communicating with the Flexispy control panel.  Consequently, there have been no updates of any kind since that final date.  If you weren't following, the post explaining the FlexiSpy problems is here.

I should clarify what I did BEFORE I contacted Flexispy.

1.  Using Cerberus, I remotely rebooted the phone four times.  Obviously, if the command was received and the phone was rebooted, the phone was connected to the internet.  Duh.

2.  I also verified the phone was online by having conversations using Viber with my daughter on that phone; Viber showing the phone "online" and messages being delivered and seen immediately, as well as replies being received by me.  The phone was online.  No Question.

3.  I went into the Flexispy control panel and "pushed" commands to the phone such as "Send Immediate".  *IF* FlexiSpy was working on the target phone, and *IF* the phone was connected to the internet, this would have caused the phone to dump any records it was holding to the control panel immediately.  I did this more than once on more than one day.  It didn't work.

So, I sent a text to Flexispy, explaining all of this, including the make and model of the phone, and what I have attempted so far.  Here was their reply:

The system shows that the phone was last connected to the server on September 19. Could you please try to manually restart the target phone and send below commands (in order)? Verify internet connectivity on the target phone before sending them. If you do not get positive results, it is possible that the software has been corrupted for some reasons. And you will have to reinstall software to continue monitoring.


Send above SMS commands as regular text messages to the target phone from any mobile devices. These will be visible on the target phone as the device is not rooted

The reply was slightly surprising, because the phone *IS* rooted, and root has been verified.  However, I knew that sending messages to this phone would be seen regardless as I have tested it before.

I didn't want this from MY phone, so I searched the internet for services that let me send free SMS text messages to the Philippines.  I found a few and tested with my Philippines number to see if they worked and how long it took for message delivery.

I settled on and sent the two messages.  I know that they would be received and viewed by my daughter but she would delete them because she doesn't know the sending phone number and she wouldn't know what the message meant.

I returned to the control panel, refreshed the page, and found no change.  In other words, whatever these codes were supposed to do failed.

That means the second part of Flexispy's reply must be true.  The software must be "corrupt" and would require a uninstall and reinstall to continue monitoring. :(

Unfortunately, I won't be near that phone for over 2 months.  And this phone is slightly more tricky for me to get time with.

Although none of this makes sense, I still think that it must have something to do with the use of a non-branded phone (Lenovo a916).



Update: Today is October 10, 2015, and the program stopped working September 19, 2015.  Nothing has changed.  I have decided that I will buy a new Samsung phone the next time I am in the Philippines so that I can swap out this Lenovo with a brand phone and cross my fingers that Flexispy will work better.

I have had so much trouble with the installation and maintenance of spy apps.  It is very difficult to obtain the phones over-and-over to fix these problems.

And I like Flexispy.  But it also screwed up.  :(

2 Comments to FlexiSpy Support Responds: App Must Be Corrupted

  1. Brad says:

    I have the same problem. It will work great for a week but flexispy would stop updating suddenly. Then i will have to install it again. Good thing the target phone is accessible to me. Please let me know if you have a fix. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      No, no fix, and no one knows why this happens.  The app support groups blame this on some other app interfering or trying to access the same things they are at the same time.

      Supposedly that includes ALL anti-theft apps — which makes no sense to me.  Some people have uninstalled Cerberus Anti-Theft to test but not reported any difference.  Plus Samsung and Huawei and others have built in anti-theft — what would you do with that??

      There is nothing more frustrating that a re-install of a “secret, spy app”.  

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