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Flexispy vs Mspy — The Hidden Features

FlexiSpy vs Mspy WIFI settings

There are hundreds of pages on the internet comparing "Flexispy vs Mspy".  In terms of general features like the monitoring of WhatApp, SMS Text Messages, etc., the two programs are very similar.

But there are a few features rarely discussed that set these two apps apart.


Mspy has the most advanced control panels that allows you to set the method of updates for a variety of items. For example, for all of the "chat" type monitoring, I want Mspy to update using WIFI or CELLULAR DATA, whichever is available.

But for images and videos, I want it ONLY to use WIFI.  Both of these items can be substantial in size and can use up a great deal of bandwidth/data if on Cellular.  It is even worse when you have teens who take a gazillion pictures at once!

FlexiSpy vs Mspy WIFI settings


Of course, for some people that is too many things to adjust, so Mspy has a general setting that will be overridden by the individual settings if you have taken the time to set each one.

Mspy v Flexispy WIFI settings


Flexispy only allows ONE setting for all updates — WIFI or CELLULAR DATA!  You can not choose the method of uploading of your multimedia files.  With phones with (very) limited data plans, this can cause a real problem, forcing you to deactivate the monitoring of photos and videos completely.

Mspy vs Flexispy Wifi and Cellular Data Settings



Mspy is the only program of the two that allows parents to block (or blacklist) websites, by entering the URL into the "block" field.

Mspy also allows for specific telephone numbers to be "blacklisted" or blocked.  Once a parent discovers a particular (and unwanted) person calling their child and enters the number into the block, no more calls from that number will get through to the phone.

Another unique features is "block phone by time".  Dinner time is 6:00 to 6:30pm.  Program this time into the phone and the phone is unusable during the time period specified.  That means no ringing, no text alerts, no facebook notifications, NOTHING but peace!



Another feature unique to Mspy is the ability to block apps.  For example:  a parent doesn't want their kids using "Instagram", so they go to the block apps page and click "block" by Instagram.  Done!

Mspy v Flexispy Block Apps




Geofencing is a feature that allows you to make areas that are considered "safe", indicating that you should be made away when your child ventures out of the "safe" area.  For example, your children rarely go more than 5 miles from you home (school, the park, the mall, etc.).  In Geofencing, you would then make a "safe" zone of 5 miles all around your house.  That would be the "allowed" or "safe" zone.

You can also create "FORBIDDEN" zones.  Such zones might be a certain area of town that your child is not allowed to venture, or a particular friend that you have forbidden your child from visiting.  The control panel makes entries into these areas quite visible to make sure you see where your child has been.  Violations can be emailed to you.

Mspy provides this feature of good and bad "zones"; Flexispy offers generic boundaries geofencing.

Mspy vs Flexispy GeoFencing



Mspy lists a feature called the "uninstall alert".  Although I can't find how this is set or how the notifications are generated, the premise behind it is that you are notified if the program is uninstalled or becomes corrupt.

Mspy vs Flexispy Uninstall Notice






Flexispy's top subscription allows you to remote access the phone camera and take a picture of the surroundings.  It appears that photos can be captures from the REAR camera only.

Flexispy vs mspy remote camera

Considering that there are programs on the market that allow you to choose which camera to use when taking remote pictures, it is obvious that Flexispy's app has not caught up to the market.

Mspy does not provide this feature.



If your child has placed a pin code on their phone to lock out nosey parents, Flexispy will discover and report their code to you in the control panel.

Flexispy screen lock password


In theory, Mspy should be able to display this information also using the keylogger function, but there is no specific information on this function.



Flexispy allows parents to specify keywords to monitor in SMS messages and AUTOMATICALLY delete those messages.  For example, a parent could set the keyword "marijuana" and any messages containing that keyword would be deleted prior to being displayed on the device!

Mspy v Flexispy Keyword SMS detection

Mspy doesn't have a comparable feature.



Flexispy top subscription allows for the recording of ambient noise ("room bug") and the recording of phone calls.

Mspy DOES NOT allow for either.  If you see it on the internet that Mspy provides this feature, you are looking at an outdated page.  Mspy has deactivated these features permanently.



Flexispy has an "alert wizard" that allows you to specific certain conditions that will trigger an email to you, such as your child has entered the forbidden zone.

Mspy doesn't provide alerts outside of the control panel.



One of the "coolest" features of Flexispy is the ability to remote update the spy app software.  I have written here on elinks before about having to manually uninstall and reinstall software each time there was an update and it gets to be quite difficult to gain access to the phone for this maintenance work.

Flexispy notifies you in the control panel when an update is available and offers you the option to "push" the update app to the phone and install remotely!

Flexispy Remotely Updates


Mspy doesn't offer this feature.



The feature that no one is talking about yet is WIFI access point monitoring!  Mspy provides a list of WIFI's that your child has accessed, as well as how long they were connected to each WIFI, and the option to BLOCK any WIFI from being accessed by your child!

Mspy WIFI access point monitoring

Monitoring wifi connection points

Why do I like this feature so much?  If you have read my site, you know that my kids live in another country with their mom and I try to monitor some of their activities using spy apps.

Due to a punishment, their cellular data service was suspended (and there is no WIFI service at Mom's house).  There are no free or open WIFI access points near their house.  So during punishment, I don't get updates from their phones. :(

But the other night, at 2:15 AM, my daughter's control panel was updated.  Cerberus also detected and reported the connection, but was overridden before I had the smarts to trace the IP address.  Cerberus reported her gps location to be at home!

If I had installed Mspy, I would have been able to look at the WIFI log and see what wifi she was connected to.

I would also be able to see if she was connecting to the Starbucks wifi near school during the hours she was supposed to be in school!

In case her location services weren't reporting her location, I could look at the WIFI reporting and see what network she was connected to, which could give me an idea of where she was.  For example, one of her friends has wifi.  When I knew she was at that friend's house, I made a note of the wifi ID/name.  Then the next time I saw that wifi ID/name on her list, I would know who's house she was visiting!

Cerberus doesn't track/log WIFI connection use, but it does provide you with the name of the WIFI that your target phone is currently connected to, and the names of any WIFI networks near their phone.

Outstanding feature that more apps should provide.

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