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Free Spy App License for One Year

20151209 free license key

Its true — I will give you a free spy app license for one year in exchange for letting me monitor the account and write my review based on your installation.

Updated 3/14/17:  We have suspended this program indefinitely.  Unfortunately, 99% of the people who applied did not speak English, making any discussion about installation and screen shots of installation progress impossible.  We might try again someday, but for now, the program is no longer available.  Thank you.


There are a half-dozen additional spy apps that I want to test — but I only want to test using real-life situations, and real-life installations.  But I only have a few phones that I can monitor and I don't want to continue changing apps on these phones.

The conditions are:  The target phone you will use must be a Samsung phone, not more than three years old, running Android 4.4+, and ROOTED.

You must allow me to access the data retrieved from the phone and posted to the web panel for us to write reviews and monitor how the app works.  I will remove all personally identifiable information such as names or phone numbers (just as I do now for data taken from my kid's control panel).

TO GET STARTED:  Install "Root Checker Basic" on the target phone.  Run the app and take a picture of the phone showing that root is installed, or take a screenshot as shown below.  That will allow us to see that it is a Samsung phone and it is Rooted.

In this example, it shows that the phone is rooted, and the phone is a Samsung SM-J700F, running Android version 5.1.1.  These are all the things we need to know for us to give you the license for one year. 


Root was successful in Samsung J7


And finally, we need to know that you are monitoring a person's phone for which you have the authority to do so (ie:  it is your child's phone).

We will provide you with the information you need to install, and other help you might need.  You must take screenshots of the installation process (PREFERRED) or pictures of the process with another phone and supply to us.  You can see an example of what we want in other reviews on this site.

At the end of the 12-months, the license will expire.


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