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G Cloud Backup Download Sucks

Gcloud -- can't download your backups because of bandwidth throttling

Yes, that is really what I said, “G Cloud Backup Download Sucks!”.  And yes, I suggest and use G-cloud backup on all the phones that I program or maintain.  So why would I say G Cloud Sucks??

1.  GCloud Backup Download is throttled.  My kids take a bazillion photos (the youngest one is averaging almost 1gig per month!).  Rather than keep paying for increased storage, I download all the photos and store them locally and on a actual Google drive account (since Google gives 15gigs to Gcloud’s 1gig).

For the past hour,  I have been downloading the photos from one folder on my youngest child’s account.  So far, it has downloaded a little more than 86mb.  If you perform the detailed math, you would find that Gcloud is allowing me to download my files from their server at (about) 154.4 Kbps.  OR ABOUT 0.15 Mbps!!!  The average home in America has download speeds of 10Mbps.

GCloud throttles the download of MY DATA to a speed SO SLOW, that after a few hours, the download will terminate without completion, because GCLOUD closes the connection!

2.  GCloud does not allow you to specify which folders NOT to backup.  For example, one of the kids’ phones crashed and burned.  I took all the backups from her phone and manually transferred them into a new folder on her new phone.  There is NO setting to tell Gcloud to ignore this or any other folder.

3.  GCloud does not allow you to choose WHICH folders to restore.  Not only are you restricted from telling GCloud what to store, you are unable to tell it what to RESTORE … it is all or nothing with GCloud, which I find to be increasingly unfriendly.

4.  GCloud does not backup photos or files in real time.  The backup occurs at the time you specify and not when you take the photo.  DropBox offers this as well as a few other providers.

What are the options?  Dropbox of course, which I can’t say I’m a fan.  “Mega” and its 50gb free storage has been receiving a lot of talk; and Google Drive because pictures under 2048×2048 are excluded from your 15gb limit.

The “throttled” access alone is enough to DUMP GCLOUD, and I’m almost there.  I think I will experiment with some new services on my phone … and when I find one I like, I will switch everyone over to the new service — which hopefully, will save me time and aggravation.

Today, when trying to download images so that I can free space for one of the daughters, I’m getting 404 errors and CAN NOT DOWNLOAD!


I need to find a replacement. :(

[I don’t like to post when I’m angry, but today is an exception!]

I went to the online control panel of Gcloud; I chose the folder I wanted, then I chose the exact pictures I wanted.  NOTHING ELSE, no other folders.  What did Gcloud attempt to download??  Three other folders of pics were included in the download — and of course, it didn’t download all of the pictures in the one folder I needed.  This service now moves to the top of my PIECE OF CRAP pile.  It is virtually unusable.

Even though this has happened on different connections, I decided to make sure that the problem is GCLOUD.  I logged in remotely to my office internet connection and began a download of the file of images.  Then I monitored how many MB were being download per minute, and per x minutes.

I went to an online calculator.  It showed that my 1GB file should download in 6-7 minutes on a 25Mbps high speed internet connection.  And my office connection was actually 50Mbps down!  But in 7 minutes, only 80Mb have downloaded!  GCloud Sucks.  I’m logging as it goes … In 15 minutes, 152Mb.

22 minutes into the download, it is stalled!  Nothing is being downloaded.  Just like before, I chose ONE folder to download, and it tried to download FOUR.  I manually counted 509 pictures that should be in the camera folder; only half (257) actually were downloaded before the failure.

Gcloud -- can't download your backups because of bandwidth throttling

Gcloud is throttling the bandwidth so much that it chokes your (download) backup until it fails!  They always fail!

I know what Gcloud would say if I reported this.  “If you were RESTORING to a phone using our software, everything would be downloaded correctly”.  Sorry, I don’t believe it and don’t trust it.


I looked at the 50gig free Mega service and its Android app and there are fewer options than GCloud.  But it does have the ability to “select all” and move files to a new folder in one step (which would allow me to easily organize the kids pictures into folders)! I will play with it for a few days and see how I like it; and if I decide to change, I’ll create a new post about my experiences.

It will be a few weeks before I can really work with this app but it appears to be worth a try.

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