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No TheTruthSpy Support and How to Uninstall TheTruthSpy

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It will be time to UNINSTALL THETRUTHSPY (Ispyoo).  Since I can’t access the phones with this software on it for another week, I can do nothing but complain!  Why?  No TheTruthSpy support and I need to know how to uninstall TheTruthSpy

I wrote previously about the Lenovo recording calls and uploading them to the server.  On March 8, when the target phone left the WIFI where she had been all weekend, and returned to data, ALL updates stopped!

Today is March 16 and nothing has been updated.  To make matters worse, the target is complaining that her phone is running “so slow”, especially “the internet”.  Yet no matter how much time has passed, or what WIFI or data networks she has connected to, TheTruthSpy appears to be stuck … no updates at all.

A few things worked previously before I began to use the “recording of calls” (call record) feature.  I would suggest you don’t activate this setting if you want TTS to limp-along with its form of “working”.

And I want to be clear — NOTHING has updated!  Not even SMS which is one of the things which worked great.  If I can get my hands on the phone, I will need to uninstall the program, clean any left-behind files, and move on.


The rooted Elephone still hasn’t updated since February 23 — three weeks ago.  As soon as I can get my hands on that phone, I will uninstall TTS also.


The non-rooted Elephone updated yesterday.


There is no choice but to take a $150 loss and get this program that does NOT work OFF of these phones and try something else (like Highster and FollowMee).

I did write TTS support just to say I did … Weeks later they still haven’t replied.  I didn’t expect a reply.

I noticed something else that doesn’t work …

On the Lenovo that hasn’t updated in 8 days, I saved the settings and told it to “sync now”.  It changed the “next sync date” from “waiting/no response” to THE SAME DAY as its last sync date.  This means that it doesn’t look at the current date — it only looks at the last date and time it synced — a very stupid flaw.

Take a look at this screen capture for clarification.

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Look at the “Last Sync” and “Next Sync” dates and times.  You will notice they show “March 8”.

Look at the bottom right of the image, at the computer time of my computer.  March 16!  The Truth Spy calculates its next sync time based on the last sync time AND NOT the current date!!

I removed TheTruthSpy from the Lenovo and installed Highster Mobile.

Read my experiences using Highster Mobile on the Lenovo A916. [Highster turns out to be worse].


How to uninstall thetruthspy app has moved to this post.

5 Comments to No TheTruthSpy Support and How to Uninstall TheTruthSpy

  1. Joe says:

    Had the Same issue with truth spy , bloody hell no support looks like i wasted my $100.0

  2. George Brown says:

    Even though these apps are very complex, can really track a smartphone and might cost a couple bucks, it is crappy when they do not have any support. What kind of person develops software that they do NOT stand behind?

  3. Mort says:

    Everything you have posted is very clear! It was definitely informative. Your website is extremely helpful. This is the first site I have found where the reviews actually talk about real use of the features. Otherwise, how can a review “always be good”? There isn’t any software I have used that I liked every feature.

    Many thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      I agree 100%, Mort.  That is one of the reasons why the so-called review sites for spy apps are nothing more than sales pages.  Until you really USE an app, you don’t know how it works; you don’t know which of your audio programs will play the audio files.  You don’t know which settings will work best for a particular feature.  That is how you can identify the PRE PACKAGED reviews that most sales sites provide.  Those reviews talk about all the features and how good they work — without ever mentioning the type of phone they installed the app on or the overall test results.  They don’t tell you because they never installed it!  

      We tell you the phone type and model we used; we screenshot the installation as it procedes; we screenshot everything we can — just to prove that we aren’t copying the seller’s sales page and provided their screenshots.  

      The reviews on ELINKS are real.

  4. Fran says:

    TruthSpy kicks out frequently meaning you have to update target phone regularly.  Sometimes it works but  I havent been able to log in for nearly a month.  Tried everything possible…different servers…change of Password etc. 
    DONT SIGN UP if your expecting any sort of help….Customer Service is Non-existant!!!!
    I DO NOT Recommend Truth Spy!

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