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My Highster Mobile Spy App Not Updating

highster call log

I wrote in a previous post that Highster Mobile had not updated the online “SMS-Text” log in the Lenovo in five days.  Then I changed that to 11 days.  Now it is more than six weeks.  Now, it is permanent.  My Highster Mobile Spy App Not Updating

What I find so unusual is that it is still updating the call log.  How can the program update the call log but not the SMS Log when both were working fine when it began?

This was the #1 most important reason I choose a spy app!  I can live without the call log; I can live without all of the other features that Highster has that DO NOT WORK; I can even live without the GPS (thanks to Google location history, when it works).  But damnit, I needed SMS monitoring.

Two weeks after writing that the SMS hasn’t updated in the Lenovo, I checked the highster mobile that is installed in a Samsung I9500.  It has also stopped reporting updated SMS entries!  This is definitely a problem in Highster software, because this has now happened to a top-brand, single-sim, phone (the Samsung S4).




With Android, the solution protocol for many problems has always been “uninstall, then re-install”.


VERIFY!    But with Highster Mobile (aka EasySpy, aka GravitySpy), you can NOT uninstall and re-install!  Once you uninstall the app, you burn the activation code and Highster will NOT provide a replacement!


From the web:
I figured it was a problem with the phone and did a factory reset. I then attempted to put the software back on the same phone with the exact same phone number. It informed me that the license had already been used and couldn’t be reloaded. It was the same phone. I asked for customer service’s help. They, rather bluntly, told me to purchase the software again.

Another from the web:
Features work now and then. No text messages for a month then they show up sporadically. GPS works for a week then not for a week. Same with browser history. Its always hit and miss.

And to completely support the situation I find myself in, this comment:

The call log is the only thing that really works for me. SMS worked well initially but stopped after a few weeks.



Can’t search Contacts by telephone number:

In the call log, highster doesn’t display the NAME that is associated with a telephone number, if stored in your contacts.  So, you think, you will click on “contacts” and search for a few digits of the phone number to see WHO this number belongs to.

Wrong.  The search function within “contacts” will only search the name field; it is not possible to search for any part of a phone number.


Yes, the Call Log and the SMS log do NOT SHOW THE CONTACT NAME that is stored in your phone and associated to the number listed in the log!

So all you see is a telephone number — Highster doesn’t show you WHO the number belongs to, even though all the information is already uploaded to their servers as part of the contact file!

highster sms spy app


highster call log



When calls or texts are made to the target phone using SKYPE, the “calling number” is shown as “-1”.

highster doesn't work




Highster – Sheister.  Stay away from this crap.

4 Comments to My Highster Mobile Spy App Not Updating

  1. e white says:

    What’s -2 on the call log? Some phone #’s stopped logging too. Any thoughts or ways to fix this? I know because one is mine.

  2. Anna says:

    The more I learn about Highster Mobile, the greater intrigued I am in finding out all the more! I'm no more content material with performing simple study, even so. Check it [AT THIS SPAMMER’S ADDRESS] Busted!

  3. Mary says:

    How do I remotely uninstall the app. In settings I don't see a uninstall command

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