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Bricked Android Phone – How Do I Fix It

android bricked phone

"BRICKED PHONE DEFINED:  A bricked phone means that your phone won't turn on AT ALL.  If it turns on and goes to the logo, it isn't considered bricked."


Or as another guy put it, "If it behaves like a brick, doesn't move, doesn't flash, doesn't do anything except be dead and lifeless, THEN it is bricked".

Ok, so I am using the wrong terms. Either way my phone is currently unusable (just like a brick!!).  I turned my brand new Samsung J700 into a paperweight – I bricked my phone.

What have I tried?

FIRST TRY:  Factory Reset.  Obviously I couldn't get into the phone to perform a soft reset, so I booted into recovery and tried a "factory reset" that should have set everything back to normal.  And I wiped the cache.  It did not.On the internet I read, "If you see the manufacturer logo, it means that you are in a Boot Loop".  On mine, I am stuck in a boot loop, and it only plays 1-2 seconds of the opening sounds.

SECOND TRY:  I used Odin and attempted to re-install the TWRP image that I used to root the phone.  That didn't work.

THIRD TRY:  Re-Install a Stock Rom.  The next suggestion I found on the net was to obtain the stock ROM and reflash it into the phone.  According to this, I would lose root, but "who cares" as the phone doesn't work at all right now.I found two sites with the stock roms listed, and began downloading.  Unfortunately, they use those "download services" that take five hours if you don't pay, and 30 seconds if you join and pay.  Out of anger and frustration, I didn't pay, and let the download take its course.
For me, this is on a Samsung J7 (SM-J700F), purchased in Thailand.  I was able to find two ROM files — J700FXXU1AOGE dated July 25, 2015 and a new file J700FXXU1AOJ2 dated October 7, 2015.  The October file is the one that is going to take five hours to download. :(

Many hours later, it has downloaded.  I'm typing this as Odin is running, attempting to make the phone work.  It just stopped and gave me a "pass" indication that says that Odin is finished.  The phone has rebooted.

It played the full "Samsung" jingle – which was not happening before.

IT WORKED!  It is at a full reset, asking me to choose a language!!


I can't believe it!  It worked and is now online re-downloading my apps from google!  So now I should thank a few websites … I do not normally provide "live links" to other sites, but today, these sites saved me and I appreciate it.

The Android Guide:  This site provided me with the instructions on how to un-brick my phone by re-installing the factory ROM, and WHERE to download the factory ROM!

Samsung Factory Roms:  The site where I was able to obtain the ROM for my phone.  They make money from download services.


How to Unbrick My Android Phone.  I DID IT!! I unbricked my brand-new Samsung J7!


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