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How To Install Cell Spy Monitoring Software

root checker verifies root on the samsung j7








Today I bought a new Samsung J7 to give as a gift.  I performed Root and installed root checker.  NOTHING ELSE.  No other apps, files, NOTHING have been installed in this phone.  Other than root, it is a fresh phone out of the box.  It is important I make this clear … I'll explain later.  For the record, I started working with this phone at 2pm; I finished at 4pm.  It took 2 hours to complete the process below (along with taking screenshots and typing my notes in real time).

I'm working directly from CellSpy instructions (also here:

1. You must enable UNKNOWN SOURCES (Settings > More > Security) and disable VERIFY APPS (usually the setting immediately after UNKNOWN SOURCES)- the first enables non Play Store apps to be installed and the second will prevent Google from examining the app (on Android devices the installation file must declare what capabilities it has and CellSpy obviously has a few capabilities that would flag it as potentially harmful or a privacy risk).

I enabled Unknown Sources, but could not find the "Verify Apps" setting.  When the enabled developer options previously, it asked about "verify apps" and I declined.


2. Before you install CellSpy you'll need to root the device, then make sure that SuperSU is set up and hidden, and then install an app called BusyBox from the Play Store to enjoy the full benefit of the software.  You'll find links to instruction guides on our site below.

I went to PlayStore and installed Busy Box Installer by Stephen. I allowed it to finish "gathering information".  Then I installed Busy Box checker and ran it.  It verified that busy box was installed correctly so I uninstalled busybox checker.  Then I removed the busybox icon.

More busy box install tips are here:

The device is rooted and has been verified by root checker:


  BusyBox App Installation at for CellSpy  
BusyBox App Installation at for CellSpy BusyBox App Installation at for CellSpy BusyBox App Installation at for CellSpy
09 busy box install successful while installing cellspy 11 busy box checker installed for installing cellspy at elinks 13 busy box install verified for cellspy and elinks



The CellSpy version with remote surveillance can be downloaded from here:

3. After installing CellSpy you obviously need to delete the browser history and delete the app from the downloads folder and/or SD card.  

I went to the web address above but accidentally entered http:// instead of https:// … the page hung, until I realized my mistake and the download then started immediately.  I pulled down the notification bar to see the cellspy apk and clicked on it to install. 

Android ( gave me warnings and asked if I wanted to install?  I said yes, and google asked if I wanted to check later for dangerous apps and I DECLINED. 


15 cell spy downloading to install google verifiy 17 android verify if ok to install cellspy 19 google wants to check device for dangerous software

After the app installed, I pressed OPEN. 

Cellspy flashed a message that confirmed my device was rooted, but this message was immediately covered up by "Phone Safe" enter email address. 

Because I have another phone registered to my email address, it would not accept my email address again!  That is bad – it means I need a different email address for each phone that I choose to register!  I don't like at all. 


Cell Spy Installation on elinks Cell Spy Installation on elinks Cell Spy Installation on elinks

I entered a different email address, and before I could screen shot, it accepted it and flashed me to the blue install screen. 

4. Installation can be completed in a few minutes – there are no real problem areas here.  Just note that if you accidentally or purposefully close the app before you get to the activation step then you'd need to redo the installation (i.e. start from step 4).  If you close it after activation then you can open the software up by dialing 555555.  If it doesn't open when dialing 555555 then turn the phone off and on, wait a few seconds while all the background apps load up, and then try 555555 again.

5. After installation and activation you will set the software settings.  Here's where many customers go wrong.  We don't advise enabling every feature simply because its available – every extra activity the software must complete will use that fraction more battery, airtime/data, processor, memory etc.  At the foot of the installation guide are recommended settings – these are generally the best balance between phone performance and software functionality.  Settings can be remotely altered, enabled, disabled, so there's no real need to spend too much time configuring things on the phone. 

I clicked "system app", and immediately got a warning that "An error occurred moving the application:  Cannot parse mount block/package!"

I clicked "Prevent Uninstall" and "Administrator" was set to activate. 


How to install CellSpy How to install CellSpy

At "enable sim card notification", I clicked to activate and then enter notification number to call.  When I attempted to enter my number, there was no international standard "+" sign.  What number are you supposed to enter?  What format for country codes and such.  I don't like this.


Review of CellSpy Installation and Test

cell spy

Review of CellSpy Installation and Test Review of CellSpy Installation and Test

After changing the settings, cellspy asked if I wanted to upload my settings to the web panel.  I said yes, and each time, it failed.  I decided to reboot the phone. 


After rebooting, I went to the "phone" app and "called" 555555 to open cell spy.  The blue screen of settings appeared, the then "SUBMIT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS" again!  THEN it goes to "registering" and finally, "Your registration will expire on " … but it flashed off the phone before I could screen shot.  I attempted to "upload" the settings to the web panel, and this time it was successful.

Again clicked on system app, and the same warning as before appeared.

When I attempt to exit the settings screen, cellspy asks if I want to upload settings again.  I tell it "upload" and then I am back at the phone screen where I opened the app.


I was unable to install as a system app on a previous install, and this is what tech support suggested:

1. Re-installing BusyBox – perhaps try a different BusyBox installer.  
2. Make sure to actually install BusyBox after the BusyBox installer has
been downloaded and opened.
3. After installing BusyBox you should restart the device.
4. Then install SYSTEM APPS INSTALLER or a similar app that will allow you to manually move the spyware to the system partition.
5. Use the above app to move to the system
partition (or make it a system app – depending on which product you're
5. Restart the device again.
6. Open the spyware by dialing 555555 and enable SYSTEM APP.

1 and 2 and 3:  busybox is a different one than before, it is verified as working (see screenshots earlier in the post about "BusyBox Checker"), and I have restarted the device.

4.  I downloaded link2sd in order to convert this app to a system app.

downloading link2sd manually moving cellspy to system app
link2sd confirming system app conversion link2sd system app confirmation

5.  I chose "convert the device to system app" and "" stopped running.  I rebooted the phone.  Link2SD shows that this process is now a system app.

I returned to the phone app, and "called" 5555555 to open cellspy.  Again, an error was returned!

Dialing the code to access cellspy cellspy stopped working
cellspy is system app cellspy reports same system app error


I forgot to tell SuperSu to turn off notifications — otherwise your target user will see this all the time!

superuser notifications


I checked my email and found the notification from cellspy about web panel access and password.  I loogged into the control panel and can see that data has been uploaded. 

The control panel shows that my system was not set up to properly to report.  So I clicked on the "take me there" to see what I could fix.

cellspy control panel

At "system app", it shows "NO".  I changed that to "yes".  Then Save.  It does not stay on "Yes", it continually reverts back to "No".  


If the same error is received then the issue is far more complex than
assumed and we'd need to get a more detailed description of the device's
specs and 3rd party apps installed on the device so that we can attempt to
replicate the issue and experiment with possible solutions.

I will send that to support – but it can' t be blamed on 3rd party apps, or remnants of other spy apps, or anti-theft apps or anything else – because NOTHING was installed on this phone — this is a sparkling new phone straight out of the box.

Although support hasn't said anything, it is possible that CellSpy isn't compatible with the version of Android in this phone.  In the root checker screenshot at the top of this page, you will see that the phone is running 5.1.1.  In the chart from CellSpy webpage (IF the page is accurate), my version is not supported, as it stops at 5.0.1.  

cellspy compatibility ANDROID VERSION 5.1.1


Next, I will begin reviewing the operations of the app!



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