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How to remotely activate GPS

I have been looking at various applications trying to find hot to remote activate GPS and which app provides this function.

Cerberus claims that if you install their app as a SYSTEM APP, GPS can be remotely activated (ie: turned “ON” even if the phone has it “off”).  I have never done this, but realize I should have!  [I did this later in another post, keep reading!]

According to Cerberus:

The easiest way to install Cerberus as a system app is with the “Convert to system app” feature of Link2SD: install the app, open it, long-press on Cerberus in the list of installed apps and select “Convert to system app”.

Some programs tell you to send a “secret” sms message to the phone and the phone will turn ON the GPS and provide you with the location via return SMS.  Highster Mobile says it can do this but the feature doesn’t work (the target phone is notificed of your message and sees your “secret” activation message!).  In the control panel Highster shows this as “GPS by SMS Command” — but it doesn’t work.

TheTruthSpy lists secret commands for turning the GPS function on and off.  I have put that on my list to try with the new rooted Samsung S4 once I add a sim card … but I know this function did not work with the Elephones.


First, I tried GPS “ON” Sms command.  Did not work.  Message appears and is visible in “inbox” and GPS setting did not change.

Then I sent the REBOOT command via SMS.  Again, the message appears in the “inbox” for the person to read — but as soon as I clicked on it, the phone rebooted!

I sent the above commands through Skype; then realized that might be part of the issue so I returned to my phone to send commands.

I “requested” the GPS location via SMS.  Previous commands using skype went through quickly.  Minutes later, I am still waiting for the message I sent from my phone to be received by the target phone.  Five minutes later, message never received??  Decided to send it a second time.  Never was received on the target phone and obviously didn’t receive a reply with the location.

So I decided to try sending the “Sync Now” command … again by Skype.  It went through, and caused the server to Sync.  HOWEVER, the message was also shown just like the others.

Of the SMS commands I tested, NONE of them were “secret” — as all of them displayed in the target message application.

I went back to the online control panel, forced a re-sync, and then went to the SMS history.  ONE message is showing!  Even though I sent a half-dozen, TheTruthSpy didn’t see the other 5 texts.

None of the programs could turn on GPS.  And none of the programs returned a location when requested by SMS.

[UPDATE:  Cerberus did turn on GPS … I logged in to the control panel online, and the device was shown as “connected”.  As soon as that happened, the target device began searching for GPS.  Since I had GPS set to off, this is a positive sign.

However, using the Cerberus Client to send the “invisible” messages to locate the target phone did not work.  The phone was never “located”. ]

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