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Learning to Root your Samsung J7

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Parents:  if you are going to monitor your children's phones, the phones must be rooted.  Learning to root your phone is not difficult if you follow the steps on the internet, but be prepared, because things can go wrong, and you can brick your phone.

A little background … I decided to upgrade the Lenovo phone that has given me so much grief, and "be a nice guy" by giving the old phone to someone else in their family (that I don't need to monitor).

If you remember, I installed thetruthspy into the Lenovo, uninstalled and reinstalled the truth spy, and more.  Then I decided to try Flexispy, as Flexispy says they work with the Lenovo phones.

I installed Flexispy and it worked like a charm … until it stopped working about two months ago!  Since Flexispy has support that answers emails, I asked them about this, and they responded that the program must be "corrupt" and will need to be uninstalled and re-installed.  This seems like the same problems I have had with TheTruthSpy.

I had already replaced the other two non-branded phones with Samsung, and decided it was time for this Lenovo to be upgraded to a Samsung as well.

Of course, just using a "Samsung" branded phone doesn't guarantee success, as you probably read my lack of success installing TheTruthSpy on the Samsung S4, TTS stopped working in the S4, uninstalling and reinstalling The Truth Spy in the S4, and the most recent post, where TTS stopped updating completely!

But I am a sucker for pain and aggravation and decided to purchase a new Samsung J7 that would need to be rooted (immediately voiding the brand-new phone's warranty).  I don't drink, but if I did, a shot of hard liquor may have been welcome before beginning the root process.  I am always scared to ROOT a phone, especially since I am not very good at this, and second, since I "soft-bricked" a brand new Samsung tablet already.

I have had reasonable luck with the "Kingo" one-touch root system in the past.  When I researched "rooting a Samsung j7" on the internet, the only information I found was using a another multi-step, multi-program rooting application.  I start having anxiety thinking of all the steps, and decided to let KINGO have a crack at the rooting process first.

There are two ways to use Kingo — one is installed on your computer and connected to your phone with a cable; the other is to install the app on your phone and not be connected to a computer.  I like being tethered to the computer, so that is the installation I have chosen.

Started looking for and downloading root programs.  2pm.  Of course, I picked a day when internet here in Asia was almost unusable.


Turn on developer mode.  Turn on OEM ???.  Turn on USB debugging.

turn on developer mode

Turn on Developer Options

allow debug

I started the King Root Process at 2:30pm.  At 3:05pm, Kingo reported that the root process had failed.

 Attempting to Root the Samsung S7 with Kingo Attempting to Root the Samsung S7 with Kingo
 Attempting to Root the Samsung S7 with Kingo  Attempting to Root the Samsung S7 with Kingo
 Attempting to Root the Samsung S7 with Kingo Attempting to Root the Samsung S7 with Kingo


With Kingo failing to root the phone the easy way, I was forced to go to the next step, flashing roms, and all kinds of scary steps that I had hoped to avoid.

I downloaded Odin, the flash file (TWRP), and Super SU.  Since everything happened on the phone, I did not capture any screen shots while this was happening.  At the bottom of this page are the web addresses of the "how-to" sites I used to perform "root".

The time is now 4:30pm — two and one-half hour after I started this entire process.  The phone is now rooted, and root is confirmed with the app Root Checker, downloaded from the Play Store.

Root was successful in Samsung J7

I followed this youtube video.  It is NOT in English, but it doesn't matter as you can see all his steps.  I watched this FIRST so that I would have a better idea of the steps that I would need to take.

Then I went to another website that listed step-by-step on how to root using the ODIN tool.  That guide is here:

After rooting was successful, I went to two other sites to get instructions on how to install SuperSU.  I had more trouble installing SuperSU and I don't know why.  And old guide for an s3 was helpful:       This was a newer post for the J7:

These guides are very good — it seems unnecessary to re-write the exact same information here.

Now I must install Cerberus and the Spy Apps for this phone — the whole purpose of rooting this brand-new Samsung J7.

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    One of the better pieces i have read this week.

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