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How To Root Samsung J7

Root was successful in Samsung J7

After purchasing the new Samsung J7 to replace the Samsung Tab 4 that was giving my daughter so many problems, I took a deep breath and began working with the phone.  The first project was to root the phone.  I've already rooted a Samung J7 before, so I thought it would be easier to stick with a phone that I've had some experience with.

I used my notes from the link above, which I am reprinting again, as well as a few new pages that I found and liked.  I am a fan of "step-by-step" instructions over video, so I found a site that provided detailed instructions that I could follow.

After following the instructions, the phone was rooted, and I verified it with root checker.


After rooting, I installed cell spy monitoring software.


Rooting Video (Not English, but can follow visually)

Download Odin Tool
(first odin told unzipped to a self-extracting file with .exe files in it set to autorun!!  It also had a "password" to unlock the zip.  I knew better – Odin should not be proteced or in a sfx file!!  I deleted it and found another source for the same file, in standard .zip format.)

Alternate TWRP download location and instructions

Install Odin and Flash TWRP

Install Super User / Root

Another site providing written "step-by-step" rooting instructions.

A few days later, I found another site with good details on how to perform this action:

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