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Remotely Monitor Pictures and Videos of My Kids

Gcloud helping create spy software

So fremotely monitor your childrens pictures and videosar, the “spy software” or parental-control software seems to miss 99% of the videos and photos taken.  If it misses them — it means you won’t SEE them.  I want to be able to remotely monitor pictures and videos of my kids on their smartphones.

To make sure I can view all of the pics and video, I installed a “backup” and explained the need for a backup to the phone-holder.  In my case, I used G-Cloud, but the dropbox version works just as good.

You will need to tell the phone holder that you have installed a backup program on their phone to make sure they don’t lose everything if they were to lose their phone.  Tell them they don’t need to do anything — the program takes care of everything automatically.  Never mention it again and your access to photos and videos is now solidified.

Gcloud helping create spy softwareWhen you set these programs up, you will notice that you can also backup SMS messages.  Don’t get excited — SOME sms’ will be backed-up, but it won’t be real-time so you can’t use this as a monitoring method.

Installing GCloud is super easy.  In the settings, decide what is to be backed up (photos, videos, sms in my situation; contacts, and call logs available also); and when to perform the backup.  I have found that using the setting “connected to charger” is the best time to have the phone performing its backup functions.

Also in the settings, be sure to set the notifications to not undetectable spy appOFF (ENABLE NOTIFICATION  [NOT CHECKED]), otherwise gcloud continues to put comments in the status bar, which confuses the user and encourages them to uninstall the program so they won’t have so many messages.  A sad but true situation that occurs!

In the passcode section, enter a four digit passcode and give it to the phone holder.  This allows them to see that their phone is being backed up.  After that, they will forget about it.

So from your computer, when you login to the gcloud account, you will see a screen like this when you choose “photos” tab.  Click on any photo and it enlarges to full screen.

gcloud not an undetectable app to catch boyfriend girlfriend cheating

Deleting photos from the backup DOES NOT DELETE THEM from the phone.

Plus, you are going to get such a trivial amount of space free from gcloud, that you will need to download all the photos (does it in a zip file), and store them locally, so that space always exists for the new photos and videos.

TIP:  You created a google account for your phone.  Since most people don’t use it for anything, they don’t remember that it comes with 15gb of GOOGLE DRIVE for free.  You can move the files from your very-limited GCloud account to your Google Drive without spending any money.

Of course the other option is to pay a fee and get more space.  :)

G Cloud Backup lets you earn more space by completing various tasks, such as referring friends.  You can also buy an extra 1GB of space for a one time fee of $0.99, or 4GB for $2.99 (both last for the lifetime of the account). [Also has a 10gb option for $7.99 now listed (“You can buy this item up to two times in order to get up to 20 GB), plus an unlimited gb storage for lifetime payment of $99.99].

EPIC FAIL:  My biggest complaints about GCloud are …
1.  You can’t buy more space from within the online control panel.  You must go through the handset application — AND Google Playstore.  If they allowed online control panel upgrades combined with PAYPAL, I think they would see more sales.  Not everyone has a credit card for the playstore.

2.  Even with a rooted phone, do not depend on this app to be capable of restoring your apps and settings in full.  Apps that were split between SD card and internal memory will NOT be restored.

And a warning …. if your child takes a picture or video and deletes it before the backup runs, you will not see the deleted item.  It makes sense, but I wanted to point that out just in case.

3.  You can’t specify WHICH folders to backup.  I have certain photo folders (misc facebook photos and such) that I don’t want backed up and using my space.  But there are no settings for that.

4.  It doesn’t backup in real time.  Dropbox will backup photos as soon as you take the photo, if you need real time backup.  G-Cloud backs them up when it is schedule (ie: placed on charger).


Feel free to use my code when you sign up.  You and I will both get an extra 200mb of space just for entering the code one time.





PS:  Everything I wrote was about Gcloud, but Dropbox also has a pretty-good program.  Dropbox gives new users 2gb to start with, and an automatic boost of 3gb if you turn on “automatic photo uploading” which is great — since pictures taken are uploaded in near real-time (provided internet is available).

If you want to get 500mb free extra space (I will get the same free space), click here and join dropbox.


2 Comments to Remotely Monitor Pictures and Videos of My Kids

  1. Betty Greene says:

    That is so strange that this application will not see the images taken. Most of the apps on the market today will see any and ALL images on the phone. That is too bad, watching the images taken is a huge part of spying.

    • admin says:

      That is true. I am heavily conflicted between Gcloud (which I stopped supporting) and Mega (which gives 50g of space).

      GCloud backs up MORE than Mega, but was so “unfriendly” to use when you needed to download and restore. I have not tried downloading huge amounts of files and restoring with Mega yet, but I hope to in the next few months.

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