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Refund from Mspy? Read What Mspy Customer Service Says

mspy virus detection

Since I have had such bad luck getting programs to work with the Lenovo A916, I decided to write to Mspy and ask if they would agree to refund the purchase price if I were to purchase from them and give their app a try.

Refund from mspy?  Read what mspy customer service says.  You might be surprised to find out just how DIFFICULT it is to get your money back.

Read the exchange for your self (their answer is shown before my original email).  I made it clear that I have already tried two other apps that didn’t work.  I even checked their “compatibility” page, and could not find that ANY Lenovo phones were listed as compatible.

Even with that information, they did not reply and say, “Yes, we understand the problem you have had, our app will work for you, give it a try and if it doesn’t work we will refund you”.  NO.  They DID NOT SAY THAT.

They have a terrible reputation for refunds, and coupled with No free trial, makes you wonder about the company.

HOWEVER, I will give them credit for replying with three days — although I sent this to the billing refund address rather than a tech support email address.

I’m not impressed with their answer as it doesn’t address my concerns.  But based on what I have seen in this market of spy apps, I’m not surprised at all.

[UPDATE:  One month later, I have not purchased or attempted to use Mspy.  Since I had already subscribed to TheTruthSpy, and TTS allows 3 phones to use the service, I spent time re-thinking my position.  In the end, I felt I would be better off financially if I upgrade the target phone (Lenovo) to a Samsung phone, and continue with the existing TTS subscription, *IF* the tests come back positive using a rooted Samsung phone.   Mspy SINGLE phone subscription was 199.95/year.]

We found this statement online from Mspy:

At the same time, while placing your order with mSpy you have agreed with our Terms&Conditions and Refund Policy. It is important that you check the Compatibility before purchasing mSpy to make sure that our software can properly function.

[The phone we want to use Mspy on is NOT listed in their compatibility list, which is why we wrote to them.  Proving they are willing to take the money and run, they told us that the phone is listed as compatible (contradicting their above posts) but told us that we must adhere to their refund policy — even knowing all of the issues up front!]

I have begun to receive comments telling me where to look for [mostly BAD] reviews of Mspy …   (134 reviews, mostly bad!) and here

The sitejabber posts gives a lot of examples where customers have been screwed over.  But if your phone is not compatible, they WILL NOT refund your payment!

There is also a VERY good step-by-step review here   (congrats to that guy, he did a good job detailing his review!)

Remember though, that BOTH of these reviewers link to the product and get commission if you buy, WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT BUY!

I also found this statement on a website ( and I can’t wait to test it, because I have a feeling it is BS!

mspy virus detection

Although I still haven’t bit-the-bullet and tried Mspy (since I have been busy experimenting with branded, rooted, phones), I still want to try this software as it occupies the most “space” on the internet.

I also found a few more reviews on the web — and most of them having nothing good to say about mspy.  However, because there are so many reviews (although they are not good reviews), I’m encouraged because the more posts there are — the more users they have. [Only 1 out of 10 users post comments good or bad about a product].

It should be another month before I can test mspy …

UPDATE:  November 3, 2015 (6 months after writing this initial post!)  I never did try Mspy.  And the more I read, the more concerns I have about it.  If you have read any of the reviews I have posted so far, you will notice that I have had to obtain the target phone repeatedly to uninstall and re-install the spy app.  It is apparently no different with “top-of-the-line” Mspy:

Mspy reinstall required many times

Also, in early 2015, Mspy servers were hacked and lots of personal information was released.  Then, in September of 2015, Mspy was either hacked or attacked, as customer support were using this as their excuse for poor service:

“I would like to inform you that we have experienced a massive server overload during the weekend and our Customer Care team was not able to deal with all the Customer’s requests in a timely manner.”

WARNING:  MSPY admits that you must ALWAYS have a “strong internet connection” on the phone or risk problems using their software:

“mSpy software depends on strong Internet connection and in case there was no Internet on the target device for more than 24 hours, target phone loses connection automatically.”

Mspy tells customers that it pays a “9% fee” on credit card and banking transactions!   Even though the industry standard is less than 3%.  And who cares if they are getting screwed over by their bank — a customer that wants a refund should get a FULL refund!

From Margaret Lewis:   On the 17th of July you have informed us that you wish to get a refund without considering any alternative options. By following our Policy ( a refund has been approved by the billing department. At the same time, we have informed you about 9% fee charged by banks and payment processing companies.

In another post, I praised Mspy for some of their features, including a few that NO OTHER SPY APP had.  But reading their reviews leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Couple that with the inability to record audio surroundings or phone calls, and I can’t justify using the software.






Your request has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Alice Wils Alice Wilson (mtechn)Apr 4, 11:46Dear xxx,Thank you for contacting us,Please note that LENOVO A916 is compatible with our application, however be advised that in order to start using new features like Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype and Gmail tracking on your Android device you should root it first. Rooting means giving a privileged control also known as “root access” to the Android subsystem of the target phone.Kindly be advised that all our decisions are determined by our refund policy, you may check it here us know in case you have any question.Best Regards,
Alice Wilson
Billing Manager
Mjw xxxApr 3, 07:29Hi,
I have three kids and have been experimenting with spy apps on their off-brand phones (Lenovo and Elephone). I am writing about my experiences and placing the results online at a website I set-up to document these trials.One of the phones that I really want monitored is a LENOVO A916.So far, I have installed “TheTruthSpy” / Ispyoo; and Highster Mobile. Neither of them worked correctly, or continued to work after a few days with the Lenovo. I also purchased 1mobilespy but haven’t installed it on the Lenovo yet as I don’t think it will work either.I am willing to buy and install the MSPY software for installation on this Lenovo. However, I would like to get a preauthorization for a refund if the features of the mspy also do not function on this phone.Thank you

2 Comments to Refund from Mspy? Read What Mspy Customer Service Says

  1. Luciana says:

    Sorry to tell you, but the product does not really do what they say
    It is almost impossible to get updated information from the target phone
    To give you an example after an update in SEPT the last phone call registered under myspy app was in JUNE (so? someone did not call or receive any call from JUNE until SEPT)
    The last suggestion they gave me was to update daily mspy with the target phone in my hands kkkk! Common if I will have the target phone in my hands why do I need mspy app anyway
    Horrible service, NEVER GIVE YOU A REFUND, even though their website say you have 10 days to request FULL REFUND, they only offered me half of it! Really pissed off

  2. kim says:

    I'm on the same boat. Do not back down to them. Demand for a FULL REFUND. Reiterate it in every correspondance, they will come though, same for the 9% fee that they want to deduct, tell them you are in terms with accepting full refund, ONLY.

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