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I Unbricked My Phone and Started Over!

TheTruthSpy only tracks location via GPS

If you have been following my posts, I have had a few interesting days.  I bought a new Samsung J7 to replace my daughter's Lenovo which has been the bane of my existence.

As part of the planned exchange, I needed to Install Cerberus; Root the Phone; Remove the Bloatware from the Samsung; and Install Flexispy Spy App.  But my success hit a brick wall when I bricked the phone.  After hours of research, I had to try and unbrick this brand-new phone!  I was successful and got my phone back!

Like a good dad, I won't give up.  Now that my phone was running correctly again, I took a deep breath and began the process again.  I installed Cerberus and configured it as a system app.  I rooted the phone and verified that root was working.  Disable some of the bloatware and stop some of the junk from starting at boot.

I almost forgot that I had to move all the movable files back to the SD card using "App2SD".  Of course, I had already done this before I bricked the phone.  This allows for space savings in the Application storage area of the phone.

Facebook for example, is 249MB!  Facebook Messenger is another 95MB, for a total of 344MB!  This is equal to one-third of the size of the entire OPERATING SYSTEM on this phone!  Facebook apps are monsters.

While moving the games, I also uncheck "show notifications".  Games are notorious for popping up a gazillion notifications when you aren't playing the game.  I figured I would give her a head start on eliminating some of the distractions.

Regarding Flexispy:  I know that I can't install Flexispy on this phone, which is a real disappointment.  That means my only choice will be to install The Truth Spy (since I have one available license).

In the post I wrote "Spy App Compatibility: A Problem For Parents", I wrote that you are "you are better off … buying (used?) BRAND smartphones for your kids.  Used phones, one model old, can be purchased at reasonable discounts."

The purpose of my saying that was to prevent parents from making the mistakes I did.  I had purchased off-brand phones that did not run the spy apps well.  In the first year, I replaced all the phones.

But this month, I didn't take my own advice!  When I decided to replace the Lenovo (a branded phone but not to the level of Samsung), I bought a brand new, Samsung J7, running the latest operating system 5.1.1.  It had only been on the market a few months.

And because it is new, and running the new operating system, Flexispy is not compatible!  My one-year subscription to Flexispy will go to waste as it was purchased to use for the Lenovo (which didn't work) and now for this new Samsung (which also doesn't work!!!).

Even TheTruthSpy/Ispyoo doesn't show compatibility with this new phone.  I will need to install and test it.

When looking at the images below in consideration of having a smartphone that will be compatible with the iSpyoo (and TheTruthSpy) Cell Phone Spy App, please be aware that compatibility means not only the Make / Model of the phone, but also the Firmware / Operating System Version that is running on the phone.


Installing TheTruthSpy on the new Samsung J7:  The program downloaded and installed easily with no issues.  I registered it to my account and logged in to the control panel to see if anything had been updated.

The new phone was listed in the control panel showing that it was recently updated, and correctly identifying it as a S700, running 5.1.1, rooted device, and "access to my location turned on".  Of course, the phone isn't in use and has no sim card, so there isn't much of anything to update.

Updating device Info

And the problem with TheTruthSpy isn't whether it will install correctly, because it always installs like it is supposed to.  The problem is whether or not the program will work more than two weeks before becoming corrupt and ending all communications with the control panel.

If you have been reading my posts, you would know that TheTruthSpy has stopped working multiple times on multiple phones — read about it here and here and here and here.  Get the point?  It is a well known occurrence — install the program, wait a few weeks — and the program stops working.

TheTruthSpy blames this on the phone, or lack of internet.  What they don't acknowledge is why did it work for 14 days AND THEN STOP!

TheTruthSpy works on 2-3 days and stopped

– Please check target device has no internet connection such as WIFI, 3G…
From Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google Settings has feature “scan spy software“. You must turn off it before download and install TheTruthSpy. If not, Google Settings will prevent TheTruthSpy running and stop TheTruthSpy.

And there is no method to test that — only wait and see.  And when you have given the phone to your target, getting it back for testing and updates can be a tricky situation.

GPS:  As I have written before, TheTruthSpy ONLY tracks location if GPS is on; it does not track using WIFI ID or Cell Tower ID.  And since I have GPS on for testing, it located the phone correctly.  (TheTruthSpy says that this is changing with version 6.10-1, which I have not tested).

The problem is GPS eats up battery life.  And I know that my kids will turn it off when they see their battery draining fast.

TheTruthSpy only tracks location via GPS

Ambient Recording:  I turned on some music and decided to test Ambient Recording.  Half through, you can hear me clapping to the music.  So for now, this work. :)


URL:  Even though this is the default browser, and TTS says it monitors the default browser, none of the sites I visited while testing are shown.

Viber still does not work.


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