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Improving Cerberus – Making Cerberus Better

improving cerberus

The more I use Cerberus, the more I think about improving Cerberus, and what could be done to make Cerberus better and more effective as an anti-theft software.

I don't think it would be difficult since it already tracks the information I want; it just doesn't upload to the control panel until requested, allegedlly to save battery draw by sitting idle until necessary.

But if you lose your phone, and you CAN'T get a Cerberus connection, there is NO WAY to get the location where your phone is or has been.

MY FIRST IDEA:  Each and EVERY TIME that Cerberus obtains a connection with the target phone, it should upload the location history file.  Right now, that information only exists on the phone itself, and does not get sent to the server until manually requested.  One file would make a huge difference.

Sending the location history file with every Cerberus connection AND STORE IN THE CONTROL PANEL would allow you to know where your phone is — or has been — in the case of a loss, and you are UNABLE TO CONNECT to Cerberus, due to the target phone's dead batter or lack of internet connection.

For example, if you lose your phone (perhaps it falls off your wallet and into the seat of a taxi, or a ride at the amusement park), and the battery dies before you are able to track your phone — you are not going to find it.  Even though you have "anti-theft and recovery" software installed (Cerberus), it has NO information!  It will not be able to tell you where your phone was last located before the battery died. 

The location history data stored on the phone is excellent and provides volumes of location information.  If we could access this file without internet connection to the phone, Cerberus Anti-Theft would be a better anti-theft and lost phone protection service.

MY SECOND IDEA:  Each and every time that Cerberus makes a connection with the target phone, it updates the "last seen" time and date, but it does not update the last location on the map. 

improving cerberus


For example, take a look at the above screenshot.  Cerberus has a "last seen" date of 12/30; but the last date on the map was 12/4.  Each time Cerberus connects to the phone, it should be updating the location at that moment — but it currently does not. 

Cerberus could be a better anti-theft and lost phone recovery software if they listened to users and changed some of the features.  Unfortunately, they are not responsive.

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