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Install AndroidMonitor on the Zopo (FAILED)

android monitor spy app email device added

AndroidMonitor Spy App has looked promising.  It offers a reasonable number of features but is only $37.20USD/year.  It is the most budget spy app I have found (ecluding Sheister's Highster Mobile's one-time payment).  I wrote a post about Android Monitor before, which gave me a little background on Android Monitor Spy App.

I decided to give it a try when my friend needed a phone, and I had a spare.  I had an unused Flexispy license and attempted to install Flexispy in this phone but it failed.  And since I already committed the use of the phone, I decided it was time to purchase a license for another spy app that was on my "to-do" list!

Android Monitor offers a 24-hour free trial, so I decided to start with that.  I hoped that the 24 hours meant 24 hours in my time zone … as I had a problem with another software that gave me 24 hours from their time zone — which because of my location, only gave me a 12 hour trial!

There is a video on the website showing how easy it is to install Android Monitor and I was impressed with how simple the process was.

Is AndroidMonitor compatible with my phone?

AndroidMonitor supports only Android based phones and tablets.

Android version 2.2 and greater are supported. This is about 98% of all Android devices.







I downloaded the apk and immediately noticed that the version number was not made part of the apk ID.  That makes me wonder if there have been any updates to the software since its inception. 

AndroidMonitor Spy App Installation AndroidMonitor Spy App Installation
AndroidMonitor Spy App Installation AndroidMonitor Spy App Installation

Before installation, Android asks if you really want to install "USettings" … After clicking yes, agreeing to the Agreement, and entering MY email address, the phone continued to display "Installing" for a few minutes.  It remained at this screen for 3 minutes, then continued to a "Installation Complete" screen.

Android Monitor Spy App Installation Android Monitor Spy App Installation
Android Monitor Spy App Installation Android Monitor Spy App Installation

I logged into my email to obtain the password for the online control panel.  They were in my spam folder since I had never received email from them before, so I approved the senders for future communications. 

The first email was to alert me that a new device had been added to my "private area", which gave me a laugh.  I would prefer to think that a new device was added to my "control panel"!

android monitor spy app email device added

The second email was to provide the password to my account.  TIP:  Don't copy and paste the password when you enter the control panel otherwise you will get rejected.  Manually enter the password.

androidmonitor email notification of password

WEB CONTROL PANEL:  The control panel appears nice, pleasant to look at, and devoid of any immediately noticeable spelling and grammatical errors.  Of course, we all have spelling errors at times, but in some of the panels I have looked at, it was beyond terrible.

FIRST THING I DON'T LIKE:  Immediately I don't like the update notification area.  Only the DATE of notification is provided; there is no indication of the time that the update occurred.  I don't like that at all.  This shows you that it updated on a particular date … but you have no idea when.

android monitor update notification

SECOND THING I DON'T LIKE:  There are NO settings!  That means you can't change your password from the ridulous password sent to you (such as f*3j*kjd-0).  As if anyone is going to remember that password!  That alone is almost enough to make me uninstall this trial version and choose something else!

Since there are no settings, you CAN'T DEACTIVATE the features you don't want.  For example, I don't want to see the pictures, and since this phone will be on data more than WIFI, I didn't want to use the data plan to upload the pictures.  But it can't be turned off.

And there is no way to know whether uploads are occurring via WIFI or data!!!  There are no settings for you to determine how to perform the uploads and updates!

I have to take most of that back.  I found the settings.  It wasn't located under the settings/cog wheel icon.

androidmonitor settings

In the control panel, under every feature, is a notice to wait at least 30 minutes before data appears.

Android Monitor wait 30 minutes

So far, I have waited almost two hours.  There have been no updates between the phone and the control panel.  I made a screenshot just to show that there are messages and a call that have occurred, and then be able to compare that to the control panel — which shows NO activity.

android monitor not syncing

Here is the current control panel … almost 3 hours later.  No messages, no calls, no IMEI, no Sim #, nothing.  No updates from the phone to the control panel.

androidmonitor control panel

android monitor no sms messages shown


From their site, they state they support Android-based phones running version 2.2.  I tried this test with an Android phone running 4.0.4.  Even though this was a brand other than Samsung, I assumed it would work.  It did not.

Android Monitor and the phone were not able to sync.  It appears that they synced once, long enough to send the version number and type of phone.  After that, nothing happened, even after multiple reboots.

I am not giving up on this spy app yet.  Based on the clean layout of the control panel, and the overall "nice" feel to the panel, I would like to give it another test on a Samsung phone.

24-hour free trial is a very big plus in my book — as well as a subsription fee of only $37.20 per year.  I will try this software again someday.

As I finished writing this post, I received an email from ANDROID MONITOR stating that they detected that the installation on my phone had failed.  WOW.  That is something new I have never seen!  Now I am more excited to try their app on a better phone.

Android Monitor Failed Installation

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