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Installation of Flexispy in Zopo 300+ (FAILED)

zopo zp300+ installation of spy app

I started experimenting with Flexispy in the Lenovo phone, after TheTruthSpy stopped working.  I thought that Flexispy might work better in this "non-Samsung" installation.  I was right for a while — it worked great.  Until Flexispy stopped working just like TheTruthSpy — and Flexispy support declared my installation corrupt.

Because of this, I had enough of the Lenovo phone, so I purchased a Samsung J7 and exchanged it for the Lenovo, which I will give or throw away.  But in my haste, I chose a dual-sim Samsung running the latest 5.1.1 software.  When attempting to install Flexispy on this brand new Samsung, I discovered that Flexispy was not compatible.  And when I attempted to un-install the program, I bricked the phone.

In the end,I installed TheTruthSpy onto the Samsung J7 and it has worked very well.  But that left me with a unused Flexispy license with about 7 months left of validity.  I hate to waste a good license … and I don't feel I have had enough time to play with Flexispy.

When a friend needed a phone, and was willing to let me monitor her for a few months, I had a new opportunity to 1) install Flexispy again and 2) get an opportunity to play with Flexispy app in more detail.

On the target phone (the Zopo ZP300+, which had been sitting around my desk doing nothing), I opened the browser and went to the Flexispy download location.  After choosing "Android", the download began, and I noticed that the version number has changed from my previous installation of v.2.13.4 to a (hopefully) updated and improved version of 2.17.2.  Flexispy release log is here:  (

zopo zp300+ installation of spy app

According to the log, the biggest change is stronger support for the new Android OS 5.1.1, which they certainly needed.

After downloading the file, I clicked to begin installation.  It went through its steps, all the way until "a sim card is required" which I forgot (this step messed me up before as well).  So I clicked on "close" until I put a sim card in.  Why does Flexispy require access to the cellular network DURING INSTALLATION when none of the other spy apps do

In my opinion, it is a programming flaw.  I'm sending this phone to another country, where the sim will be from a different provider.  What difference does it make to have a sim card installed??

I install my sim card and start over.  During the install, I get the ridiculous "whoops" message about not being able to install as Full, "do you want to try to install as limited 1".  I try yes, and it is in a continued loop, not allowing me to proceed further.

When I tried installing Flexispy on the first phone months ago, I wrote this:

That is when I get the "whoops" message that it can't install in "full" mode.  There are differences in installing between full and limited modes.  At this point of the install, it doesn't matter because even limited mode keeps crashing. 

I was able to uninstall Flexispy.  But now, I must find another spy app to install on this phone, since Flexispy would not work.



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