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Installing Cerberus on the rooted Samsung I9500

Converting Cerberus to System Application

Today, I began installing Cerberus on the rooted Samsung I9500 that I planned to be giving to one of my kids.  Her current phone (the Elephone p6i) has worked for 6 months so far, but she continues to have daily problems including the phone “hanging” or going dead 2-3 times per day.  The only option is to remove the battery and start over.  And every time she must change the date from 2001.  All she does is play games so you can surmise that the Elephone’s aren’t designed for kids and games.

Back to today’s job:  If you want Cerberus hidden, you can NOT install from the play store.  You must download direct from Cerberus.

Installing Cerberus Anti Theft Spy App

WARNING:  If you want it hidden AND you download it from Cerberus, you can NOT pay with the Play Store!  You must pay with Paypal.  I was worried that they would not allow the use of the same paypal account, but my payments went through without problems (I have used the same Paypal account for multiple Cerberus accounts).

[TIPEven though you can use a Cerberus account for 3 phones, my advice is DON’T!  It is worth the small fee to have each phone on a separate account.  Plus, if you screw up and get one of the accounts banned, you have a greater chance that your other accounts are safe.  If they are all on one account, ALL phones are on the ban list!]

So I downloaded from Cerberus..

Downloading Cerberus to Install

And I tried to install …

block the installation of apps not obtained from the play store

I forgot to allow “install from unknown sources”.  Very easy to change.  Go to Settings -> Security and make the change.

Allow Installations from Unknown Sources


I Opened Cerberus and began to enter information to create an account.  When I got to email, I used MY email because I am the one who should get their information if something happens to the phone.  This is where most people enter their gmail email.  The only problem I see is the notices that your phone is stolen is going to the email that is usually checked on your phone.

Cerberus rejected MY email because an account was already setup using that email.  So for a few minutes, I was confused about what I would do.  Then I remember that my (paid) email service had a feature allowing me to create a pre-approved email address on my account that I could use to receive messages about her phone.  They call them “trackers”; to me, it is a pre-approved email address that automatically gets delivered to my email address without being filtered for spam.  I could create one for each Cerberus account.

tracker sub-addresses newsletter addresses

I used the new address, comfortable that I would receive the notifications of anything that happened to her phone.  I went into Cerberus settings and changed a few things:  Change the “open cerberus” dial code to the number that I already use; Click to hide the icon;

Cerberus Anti Theft Spy App Configurations

Click to convert to device admin; and a few other minor things you must decide if you want to activate or deactivate.

Allow Cerberus as Device Administrator

I remembered reading on Cerberus help page about converting to a “system app” if your phone was rooted.

According to Cerberus:
“If you have rooted your device you can install Cerberus as a system application and get many additional features, including complete uninstall protection (Cerberus will survive a factory reset) and GPS auto-enabling when you start tracking the device.”  The help page goes on to tell you about the app “Link2SD” which makes this process easy.

On to the play store to download this app.  I figure that if I really screw things up, I have enough time to wipe the phone and start over, as her birthday isn’t for a few weeks.  Link2SD chosen, downloaded, and opened.  Find the Cerberus app.  If you have installed the hidden one, you will be looking for “System Framework”.  And if you look close, you will see that it identifies itself as “Cerberus” in small print!

Converting Cerberus to System Application

Click on the item; left bottom click on your phone, and choose “convert to system app”.  [Other Samsung models were different.  Press and hold the item, then choose from the pop-up menu].

Then reboot the phone.  That is it!  It was super simple!

[TIP:  When I rebooted the phone, SuperUser app kept telling me that “System Framework” was given SuperUser privileges.  That reminded me that I had to return to the SU app and turn off “NOTIFICATIONS”!]

Removing Super User Notifications

You do not want these notifications to pop up and alert the target phone user of these “issues”.

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