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Installing Spy App FlexiSpy – I bricked the Phone

Flexispy requires sim card

Flexispy stopped working the in the Lenovo, which was my first attempt at using the program.  Before it stopped working however, I was impressed with it enough to want to install it again when I could get my hands on the target phone.

The instructions for installing Flexispy are here:

The explanation of "running modes" (full, limited 1 and normal) are here:

Instead of giving the Lenovo another chance with Flexispy, I decided to replace it with a Samsung J7, dual-sim Android running 5.1.1.  Either the installation process changed since my first attempt, or the installation process was different for this latest version of Android OS.

Flexispy supports 5.1.1 in some phones

WARNING:  This is a new phone and I have not given it to my child yet.  Therefore there was no sim card in it!  Flexispy would NOT allow me to install the program without a SIM CARD INSTALLED!!  This did not happen when I installed this program the first time.

Flexispy requires sim card

To make matters worse, this new phone only accepts micro sim cards, and the only valid micro sim card at my disposal was in roaming mode — and I didn't know how Flexispy was going to accept this!

It does make a data connection on the sim, which is taking money from my account, since it is in roaming mode.

And so far, it HAS NOT accepted it!  It crashes with "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped".  Every time I reboot the phone, I get the same "stopped" message, indicating that the Flexispy will not work with this phone and this OS.  I click ok.  It is possible that it has accepted the sim for whatever purpose it does, but the phone isn't fully compatible.

That is when I get the "whoops" message that it can't install in "full" mode.  There are differences in installing between full and limited modes.  At this point of the install, it doesn't matter because even limited mode keeps crashing.  Ultimate, the goal would always be to install in full mode, but limited 1 provides most of the same features without remote monitoring.  The link to the "explanation of running modes" is a the top of this post.



Flexispy installs itself as a system app.  And since I could not get it to work, I wanted to completely uninstall it.  Flexispy lists uninstall as being from the control panel only — but I couldn't get to the control panel because I could never get the activation code entered into the software!

So I did something that you should never do.  I uninstalled it using standard uninstall methods.

AND NOW I HAVE A HARD-BRICKED SAMSUNG.  In effect, I have a $254USD paperweight.  It is pretty, but it doesn't work.  I tried all the recovery methods, factory reset, etc., but nothing works.  The phone is dead.

I have had better days.  What do I do now?  How do I unbrick my Android Phone??


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