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Install TheTruthSpy on Android Samsung Tab 4

Be sure to delete all downloaded files of the spy apps

Since I only have 2 (of 3 allowed) phones registered on my thetruthspy account, I decided to install TheTruthSpy on android Samsung Tab 4.  I will be giving this tablet to my child in September on her birthday.

I already installed Cerberus, and converted it to a system app using SDLink.  I have mixed feelings about Cerberus, but I have paid each time I installed it and I find that it works more often than the spy programs I have tried!  However, I am being VERY careful not to do anything that will get me in trouble with Cerberus like before!

I don’t have anything good to say about TheTruthSpy/Ispyoo.  I find it is buggy and rarely works as intended, even when you are using top-of-the-line Samsung products. When it

TheTruthSpy has only two things in its favor:
1) it allows you to monitor up to 3 phones (that makes the huge assumption that the software will work correctly and you will actually be able to monitor these phones).

2) it allows you to record phone calls and surroundings.  But if it isn’t updating (like on my other two phones) then NOTHING will work.  [When it comes to phone monitoring, there are very few choices available].

Quick Steps:  downloaded the truth spy software; click install; “allow installation from unknown sources”; allow SURoot to get access; Activate device admin; Click Configuration: Hide Icon.

Go to My Files (A Samsung App): The first think you are going to see is a “timeline” of your file activity (downloads, etc.).  The spy ware you installed will be shown here.  Press and hold the first item to select it, then click on any other items to delete also.  Then press the trash can.

Samsung My Files Timeline

There are two downloaded links shown.  The first is “downloaded history”.  Click on “last month” to show all downloads.  Press and hold the first item to select it, then click on any other items to delete also.  Then press the trash can.

Be sure to delete all downloaded files of the spy apps

The second is “Downloaded Apps”.  This section shows the latest apps I have downloaded, including the ones I don’t want to be shown!  There is no option except to delete the item, which UNINSTALLS the item!   It appears to list in order of installation, meaning if you are setting up a new phone, install the spy app first.

On the other hand, if you are installing only the spy app on an already-in-use tablet, your target may see new installs.

List of downloaded files including the secret spy or parental control app that you hoped was hidden

Then clear the internet browser.  Settings > General > Application Manager > All > Browser (or Internet).  Clear Cache.

Open the browser. On the main screen, if you see a “tile” or icon showing the website(s) you visited to download the spy software, touch and hold the icon, until you get a pop-up with the “remove” or “delete” option.

With the browser open, click on the dots in the upper right corner.  Choose Settings > Privacy > Delete Personal Data.  Then choose “Browsing History”, “cookies” and then press done.  This is the step that removes the url history from showing that you visited that location.

Be sure to clear the browser history or tiles


Turn off notifications from SuperSU.  First, click on SU Root.  You will see all apps that have been given root privilege — including the spy program you installed.

SU Root / SuperUser / SuperRoot apps removing notifications

Then click on settings and find “Turn off Notifications:”  UNCHECK this box, so that you will not receive any notifications.

Turn off notifications from super root

Look for “Re-authentication”.  Uncheck “Re-authentication: Ask for permission again if an app is re-installed or upgraded.”  The text will change to:  Remember permission across re-installs and upgrades after you remove the check!


Still to do:
Hide SU root  (AppHider)
Install Avast and Clean Sweep (Set to Ignore TTS)

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