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Testing and Reviews of Highster Mobile [aka EasySpy, GravitySpy]

highster mobile review does not work

Testing and Review of Highster Mobile [aka EasySpy, GravitySpy]

Some of the features that might work on highster mobile

I installed Highster Mobile in a rooted Lenovo A916.  Again, let me emphasize “ROOTED” and verified-rooted phone.  Most of Highster’s features do not work.

If the target phone is not connected to the internet, you WILL miss sms’ and calls.  Supposedly it saves the data and uploads when it has a connection — but that has not been the case.

For example, for five days, the phone wasn’t on data or wifi.  Today, it is connected to wifi but only updated the call log.  The most important aspect of monitoring (for me) is the sms log — and it has not been updated.

[UPDATE:  It has now been 11 days since SMS log was updated, and I’m positive of two things:  1) the phone has been used to send numerous text messages; and 2) the phone was on wifi for a few days, and was on unlimited cellular data for a few days. ]

And Highster can’t blame it on the phone or the phone’s message program because it worked for a while — just like dozens of people on the web reported.  It works, then it stops working and never updates again.

[So I am actually pretty frustrated.  I bought a quality phone, paid for highster mobile ($69.99?); and no longer get updates on the texts/SMS.  This investment has become worthless.]

And you might remember that one of my big complaints about Highster is the lack of reporting of the date and time that the phone and the online control panel actually synced up.  I can tell from looking that the call log synced … but not other items such as the SMS.

This phone has facebook installed.  Highster reports “no records” and does not track or report any facebook conversations.

This phone has skype installed.  Highster reports “no records” and does not track or report any skype conversations.

This phone has wechat installed.  Highster reports “no records” and does not track or report any wechat conversations.

It does show installed apps, open apps, and contacts (showing the FIRST telephone number ONLY stored with the contact).

GPS .. works … but questionable.

In other words, it is like I talked about in the article on “spy apps and phones”.   There are No Guarantees, but if you really want to try for a working situation where you can really monitor your kids activities, then you will need to buy them a “standard” phone brand (Samsung, LG, etc.).  Based on what I have seen so far, you can’t be sure of how well any other brands will work (and remember, “Lenovo” is no small fish!  But the spy apps don’t work well with it either.)

LATEST UPDATE!  Last night the Call log showed HUNDREDS of calls.  This morning the call log is empty!  Nothing was done to the phone or the control panel!  In other words, I went to bed with hundreds of calls showing and woke up with an empty online log!

highster mobile review does not work

One Comment to Testing and Reviews of Highster Mobile [aka EasySpy, GravitySpy]

  1. Chris Jonsen says:

    Well, it looks like HIghster is just not a company that any of your readers should even deal with. You have not mentioned ONE thing that makes me believe that it is worth the time and money compared to other reviews that you have posted about. Thanks for testing these out and telling us about them.

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